About Me

Hi! I'm Molly and the maker behind Middle River Studio. I sew, I create, I thrift, and I blog from my home in Northern Wisconsin. I’m wife to an amazing man who puts up with my hoards of fabric (and creates some pretty awesome things himself), fur mom to a sweet and sassy collie, and a stay at home mom to three even sweeter and sassier little boys.

About Middle River Studio

MRS was born in May of 2016, initially as the name for my online clothing shop. I live in the country, in a spot that has little distinction now, but which was once home to it's own train stop, school, and store-- all named Middle River.   I paired the name with "Studio", partly because I loved the acronym, but also because I wanted the name to have a wide range of possibilities. I didn't want to be limited to clothing or sewing. I wanted Middle River Studio to be able to easily develop and change along with my own interests.  And here we are! Because in the end, Middle River Studio is whatever I make it to be-- and it's a fun and rewarding ride! 

Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.
— Marc Jacobs