True North Hoodie:: New Release from Max and Meena

Another new pattern release-- but this one is for my kids!  I recently joined the tester team at Max and Meena patterns, and this was my first test with them.  Max and Meena is based in the upper Midwest (just like me!), and I love working with other sewing people from my neck of the woods. They do a lot more kids stuff than I usually do (but they have women's patterns too), so you may be seeing my boys a little more often.  Here is the brand new True North Hoodie


Obviously, the defining feature of this hoodie is the four quadrants that make up the front panel.  It's perfect for mixing and matching fabrics-- some of the testers used four different colors and I love how that looks too!  All of mine ended up with just two fabrics, but that's because of my own lacking fabric collection (at least in terms of fabrics that work for the boys, haha).  


The pattern comes with both a scuba hood (like I did), or a cross over hood. 


That's his "Smile!' face.  Ha!


A few months ago, I made the baby a sleeper from this star fabric, and I had promised G that I would make matching hoodies for him and Ro.  Thank goodness for pattern testing, or I doubt I would have had the motivation to do it!  Testing also helped me use up this fabric that I've had for-ever!  Both these stars (from Jumping June Textiles), and this green French terry from RP Customs have been on my shelf for at least a year and a half! 


This French terry is super thick!  Which was perfect for the high of -7 we had the day I made them!  G has already been asking for winter to be over . . . you've got a long haul left, kid!  But, when spring DOES finally show his face, there is a short sleeve option for this pattern . . . I think most of us were too cold to make it though.  


I made ONE more during testing, but I'm waiting for my model to show up ;)  I should have put something in this shot for reference . . . newborn size is so itty bitty! 


Here's the pattern link one more time! Happy sewing :) 

PDF Sewing Pattern Boys Hoodie True North Hoodie Max and Meena.png



Grant's First Sewing Project:: SUAT Wonderland Cap

Fa la la la la, la la la la! How's that last minute, holiday scramble going, my friends? Things are getting crazy over here! We head to our first Christmas of the year tonight, and my head has been spinning all week, trying to make sure I have everything covered!  As my boys get older and realize more what's going on, the mom-pressure is on, haha! 

There have been a TON of free patterns offered by PDF deisgners this month, mostly with the purpose of being perfect for gift-giving.  I'm usually one to get excited about these projects, but never actually make any of them . . . until I saw the Wonderland Cap from Stitch Upon a Time.  We have a winter-wear battle here in our house, and hats are at the forefront right now.   It's an important issue up here in the Northland.  

Here's how it goes: 

Husband: The kids need new winter hats. 

Me: *buys hats*

Husband: These hats suck.  


Seriously, it is no fun trying to dress these kids for winter five months out of the year.  And hats do suck.  My kids have big heads, the hats don't stay on, they don't cover their ears, or they don't like them, or we only have ONE good one and it gets lost.  You know the drill.  

So, when I saw the Winterland Cap, I knew it was the answer to my problems (after having just bought three new hats at Target, grrr). Best of all, the pattern was free! 


The ear flaps.  These are a necessity. (Oh, but they actually are optional in the pattern, if you don't mind cold ears.  But for me, a necessity). 

Obviously, the pom is totally optional as well.  But when I only have a few years to dress my kids however I want, the poms were definitely a necessity to me as well, haha.    

And they tie.  A.K.A.: They are securely strapped to my children's heads.  

Oh, and they're made of fleece. Therefore they fit all the criteria of my husband's kid-hat-wish-list:

  • Ears covered
  • Warm
  • Attaches securely to child's head

As well as my critera:

  • Cute as all get-out

I thought this would be a great project for Grant to sew with me.  He's 3.5 now, and spends a lot of time with me while I go through the various steps of sewing.  Plus, if he made the hat, I knew I'd have the buy-in for him to actually wear it, haha!!! 

He was super excited to get to make his very own hat.  I made sure he was involved every step of the way on his own, and he even helped out with his brother's too.  

I tried to be super thorough about each step.  We measured for size, and both boys ended up wearing the Teen size hat, haha.  I told you they have big heads ;) 

Grant helped tape and cut the pattern and then cut out the fabric.  


Then we headed up to the sewing room for a lesson at my serger.  We talked about raw edges, guiding the fabric not pulling it back, leaving serger tails, and to watch your fingers for the flippin' blade.  Probably my biggest concern was that he was going to send MY fingers under the knife, haha.  


These hats come together super fast (even with a three year-old).  Sizing is newborn through large-headed adult (me-sized), so if you have any last-minute Christmas gifts to make, these would be perfect! 


The hardest part was getting these two goons to take a picture together, haha. 


I definitely bribed them with M&Ms.

It didn't help all that much.  


If you want a copy of the pattern, it's available to Stitch Upon a Time newsletter subscribers for free.  Go to and look to the right if you're on a desktop or scroll to the bottom if you're mobile to find the Newsletter Signup form. After you receive an email, click to confirm your subscription then you will get an email with a link to the pattern! 

Use up those fleece scraps and cross some people people off that gift list <3

Enjoy your holiday weekend, and best wishes from my family to yours! 


free pdf sewing pattern, winter hat.png

Feeling Lucky with Vintage Lace Prints

The girls at Vintage Lace are keeping with their tradition of offering St Patrick's Day prints AND keeping things playful with the mustache theme (see the Valentine's Day mustaches that I sewed up here). And I'm over here sewing another slew of coordinating shirts for my (soon-to-be) three boys!  I better get used it ;) 


The little one got a plain-jane raglan from the Mega Max pattern from Max & Meena (which doesn't do the pattern justice, consider the 100s of options the pattern supplies!).  My oldee two boys practically live in Mega Max Raglans.  This is the first one I sewed up for the little man.  And I loved that plaid so much, that I had to make this little paci clip as well! 


This is the Isaiah Plaid, but Vintage Lace also has two other coordinating plaids for the shamrock prints! 

Roman got an Elliedactyl Ried for his shirt.  I love the assymetry.  


Is he extra stinkin' adorable, or what? 


I had to do some serious strategic-planning to get all the pieces for all three boys' shirts from these cuts of cotton Lycra, so I ended up using the tall cuffs on Roman's arms.  It's not an option I would usually use, but I really like how it turned out!  This is another pattern that has a TON of options.  There's an additional scoop option for the main body, some cool sleeve color blocking options, and a color-blocked hood.  This one that I made is actually almost as simple as you can get it, haha! 


Sweetest little Irishman.  

I took the boys to the train museum to take these pictures-- they loved the excuse to go see the trains, and I know we all loved not standing out in the cold, haha.  

Serious conversation going on here: 


Grant's shirt is the Edi, from a German designer, Lolletroll.  I got it on Makerist.  As I don't speak German, I couldn't tell you a whole lot about the designer or the pattern. Just that I'm managing to sew a little more German designers lately, thanks to Google translate, haha. 


I do find this hood to be on the smaller side, if you have a kid that actually wants to wear the hood up (this kid definitely likes to wear his hood up).  


My two boys had fun twirling their pretend mustaches in their shirts, ha! But, if mustaches aren't your thing, Vintage Lace has a non-mustachioed version of these shamrocks too ;) 


I did let the boys play a little bit . . . after their work was done ;)  Grant is starting to take this model-for-mom thing pretty seriously.  It's making it more fun to sew for him! 

Whether you have a wee bit of Irish in you or not, head over to Vintage Lace to check out all their spring prints! They have a little bit over everything-- Easter, St Patrick's Day, florals (see mine here!), and even a few sports thrown into the mix.  I can't wait to have all THREE of my boys sport these, come St Paddy's Day! 

Erin go bragh! 

Feeling Lucky!WithVintage Lace Prints.png

My New Favorite Hoodie:: TAMI Revolution by New Horizons

I don't know if it's the snow and the cold, or the fact that my third trimester has me yearning to be all cozy and comfy, but I've been sewing hoodies nonstop for a month now!  And my pattern of choice has been the TAMI Revolution from New Horizons Designs


This is a pattern that I've been wish-listing since it was released . . . but I kept saying to myself, "how many hoodie patterns can one girl own?" Self-control would kick in, and I wouldn't buy it.  But after months of trying to find the perfect double hood pair up, I couldn't take it any longer, and I bought the pattern.  And I have no regrets. Ha! 

I love all three hoods that come with the pattern and the fit has been perfect.  The zipper addition and instructions were just what I needed-- I mean, how cute it that detail?! 


This one is my newest TAMI-- a combination of quilted knit from Jo-Ann's, and this super plush floral brushed poly from Vintage Lace (on preorder now!).  I actually didn't have enough for the inner hood, so for this one, I did the outer hood paired with a funnel collar.  

The first TAMI I made (also using fabric from Vintage Lace and Jo-Ann's!) used the outer and inner hood, both unlined as per the directions: 


You can read more about that one here. This is actually the only one I sized up on!  All the other TAMIs you see here were made in my pre-pregnancy size.  I think it'll be a perfect fit once baby gets here.  

My second-ever TAMI was a pin-spired piece using brushed French Terry from SR Harris Fabric warehouse.  It is mega cozy!  Brickyard Buffalo had a similar hoodie for sale, but I love this one so much more, haha. This is the standard hood. 


Okay, okay, I have just one more to share!  This one is from that same quilted knit from Jo-Ann's (I can't stop buying it, and I've noticed no one else can either!).  I did the zipper on one side, per the pattern directions.  I did line the inner crossover hood (scraps left over from my favorite brushed poly ever, from Pretty Posh).  It's sooo stinkin' warm; it's my go-to when I'm freezing cold (which is often up here in Wisconsin!).  


Real-life mom pic right there ;) What do you think of my new glasses?! I just got them from Zenni (highly recommended-- I got two pairs WITH perscription lenses for $30!).  I wanted a big, dorky pair, and I think I nailed it with these, haha! 

Annnnyway, back the hoodies!

Sarah from Sewing with Sarah blogged on the New Horizon page about a nursing friendly hack!  So, of course I had to give it a try (and I love the results). The hack adds a modesty panel and a fully functional zipper on each side of the raglan sleeve.  I extended my zippers further into the armpit for optimal comfort and ease when nursing. 


Mike keeps asking me why I'm making all these nursing hoodies . . . he remembers how well nursing went the first two times (i.e. not well, haha).  But, I'll be prepared! And if nothing else, I'll wear the heck out of them for those first few weeks! 


I do think I'll be able to nurse while only zipping down one side at a time, but I know other mommas have said that this is one of their less-favorite nursing-friendly styles, because they usually need to fully unzip both sides to have access.


Thirty-three weeks, friends! I'm going to be ready, haha. 

Thanks for checking out the TAMI Revolution with me! I don't think I've ever shown off FOUR sew-ups a pattern before--now you know I mean it when I say that I love it ;) 

TAMI Revolution New Horizons PDF Sewing Pattern Blog review.png



Sew All the Presents:: Head Warmer from P4P

The girls at Patterns for Pirates have put together another week of Freebies for the holiday season!  Five new tutorials will be coming your way this week, and they're all super fun, quick and easy, and perfect for gift-giving (or for making for yourself!). 

Today's freebie is this super awesome head warmer


This little thing was a super popular make during testing! 

Maybe because it's magical. 

Because it's not just a head band . . . 


It's also a neck warmer . . . 


Or you can untwist it into a messy bun hat! 


Yes, please.

I'm going to need one in every color for dropping G off at 3k in the mornings, haha.  

The head warmers come together so stinkin' fast, and they're perfect for scraps!! Since I primarily sew apparel for myself, sometimes I end up with such big "scrap" pieces . . . this headwarmer is a great way to sew through that pile and start scratching names off your gift-giving list!  (You get a head warmer, and you get a head warmer, and YOU get a head warmer . . .) 

I used sweater knit (which is perfect and cozy), but I know brushed poly was another fabric favorite when we tested these out, and Lord knows, I have plenty of brushed poly scraps, haha. 

Free Head warmer Sewing Pattern, Ear warmer (1).png

I loved sewing and crafting along with the rest of the Pirate tester team on these projects-- it was so fun to get into the holiday spirit with everyone!  Head over to the tutorial on the P4P site, and make sure you check back over there each day this week for a new freebie!  

I'll be back on Thursday to share another one of my own makes :)

Free sewing tutorial for headwarmer (1).png




George and Ginger Gets Posh

It's the end of George and Ginger's 2-year anniversary celebration, and the party is ending with 25% off the whole shop AND a brand new pattern release!  Shop now at and use code "YEARTWO" for 25% off everything, including the new pattern, the Posh Top.  I'm crazy about this new pattern! 


The Posh Top features a slim silhouette, with some flippin' awesome gathered sleeves.  Seriously, these sleeves are awesome.  


You can see there's color blocking at the shoulders, with trim pieces and optional buttons.  Go for the buttons, I say.  It really brings it to the next level!


The pattern works best in a knit with good structure and recovery-- my first one here used Liverpool, which turned out great.  My second version is this killer plaid ponte, which was beyond perfect-- the sleeves look even more amazing in this more structured fabric. I actually made a pre-first version as well, from a thermal fabric, which is now in the garbage,. ha! Just use the fabric the pattern calls for-- cotton Lycra, ponte, or Liverpool.  The lighter-drapier fabrics just don't have the same effect. 

Now, on the super-off chance that you subscribe to the BeeBox at Vinegar and Honey Co, and you haven't received your November box yet, you might not want to keep scrolling, because this is a major spoiler. 

Just saying.  

Scroll at your own risk.  

Because here it is: 


As soon as I opened this month's BeeBox, I knew it would be perfect for the Posh Top (which was perfect timing because I needed a second one sewn up stat, and I had no fabric picked out, haha).  This particular ponte is even more structured than most ponte I've used.  But like I said, it makes these sleeves divine, in my opinion.  


Check out the high trim side with the buttons and high neck.  Love.  

Some of the other testers used multiple fabrics, particularly for the color blocked shoulder pieces, so make sure you check them out-- it's a totally different and fun look! 


Since this was a tight-fitting pattern (especially with these heavier fabrics), I knew I'd want to mod it for my baby bump.  I used my normal lengthen-the-front-and-rouche-it method that I explain here. For these particular shirts, I only added 4 inches of length, rouched across my midsection.  


I feel super trendy in this top, and I can't wait to make some non-maternity versions! My husband immediately thought this plaid one looked perfect for Christmas time :) 

Make sure you hit up the George and Ginger Anniversary sale while you still can-- the clock is ticking!  Soooo many amazing patterns to choose from <3