I Wish that I Had Jessie's Girl:: Pattern Release from 5oo4

I love 80's music and I heard the team at 5 out of 4 Patterns does too! Which is why their newest pattern may have been influenced by a certain Rick Springfield song that I've been singing ever since I started testing this pattern ;)

The Jessie Top and Dress is live at 5 out of 4! 


If you just do the high back in the top or dress, this is GREAT basic tee or dress pattern.  The fit is spot on, so it makes a great staple.  But, you have the bonus of these great back options-- low back, strappy, and racer back! 

5oo4 Jessie size M 1.jpg

I went with the strappy back! I love it and I promise, it's not hard to accomplish. 

5oo4 Jessie size M 3.jpg

I paired this tunic length with a pair of Ninja Pants (also from 5oo4, and free with a code from their Facebook group!  All of my fabric is from Knitpop

5oo4 Jessie size M 6.jpg

The photo below is actually the cover photo on the 5oo4 website! I was so excited to be the feature photo! But, I suppose I should give my photographer a shout out. Seriously, I take 99.5% of my own photos.  But the ONE time in MONTHS that Mike helps me out, of course, those are the photos that get the love. So, shout out to Mike, haha. 

The low back is designed to cover your bra band, but if you're short-torsoed, like me, you may need to raise your scoop up and adjust the length of your bands/binding.  I did need to raise mine by about an inch. 

5oo4 Jessie size M 2.jpg

I did make one more of these, but I didn't manage to photograph it.  And my left eye is mysteriously swollen and red today, so I'm in no shape to snap a few before this post goes live, like I planned to.  Ah, well! 

I'm new to testing at 5oo4, and have already had a great experience! Rachelle and I have been on other tester and strike-off teams before, so it was great to get to test a design that she made! And, I'm already under way testing there next pattern too <3 

Grab your copy of Jessie before Wednesday and get the release sale price!

Oh, and here's a picture of my cutie to leave you with (in the True North Hoodie, that I blogged about here, but he's finally able to model!).  He's growing so stinkin' fast!

Jessie Top & Dress5 out of 4 Patterns.png



The With Love Dress:: G+G Pattern Release

This fall, I sat in my car and cried, parked outside of Kwiktrip while I listened to NPR report on yet another mass shooting.  I had just dropped Grant off at 3k, I was pregnant with baby Dane, and Roman sat in the van with me, asking when we were going in.  But I couldn't stop crying, feeling completely overwhelmed, thinking of my three boys, thinking of how this violence keeps happening, and thinking how there was nothing I could do to help any of it.   

I know, I know, not a very sunshine-y start to a blog post about a dress.  But, my point is that I know that feeling of frustration and desperation to do something. And I'm glad that Kristi felt it too. What does a pattern designer do when she wants to make a difference? Design a dress with a purpose.  The George + Ginger With Love Dress.  All proceeds from the release of the dress will be donated to the Sandy Hook Promise.  

In Kristi's words on the George + Ginger Facebook group: "This project and this group mean a lot to me. I would appreciate this effort not turning into a debate, but a chance for us all to come together, rise up and do something from the heart...and all agree that changes need to be made. I don’t have the perfect answer or solution, but I’m determined to support any effort to educate and inform about these tragedies and issues. And there will be more to come! This group has proven its capability of moving mountains time and again—and we always do it together with love." 

I'll show off my pictures, but I'm not going to blab too much about the dress, since I think the topic outweighs the fashion statement. I think you'll agree, though, it's a pretty darn cute dress.  The run down: dolman style, elastic waist, three skirt options, and made for lightweight knits. It's a quick sew, and perfect for spring and summer. 

Here's my dress version with rayon spandex from Vinegar and Honey Co. 


And maxi version from double brushed poly from KnitPop.


I don't tend to "get political" anywhere outside of my own home, but I'm a mom and the wife of a teacher.  I remember everything about the moment when I first heard about Sandy Hook.  And so I hope you'll excuse my tugged heart-strings just this once, even if the Sandy Hook Promise isn't a mission you can stand behind.  Because I believe we desperately need a change.  I do hope you consider purchasing the dress or donating directly to the cause.  You can read more about the Sandy Hook Promise and donate here.  Or check out the With Love Dress and purchase it here

With love, 


G+G With Love Dress.png

Sewing in German

Guten tag! 

. . . and, sadly, that's basically the extent of my knowledge of the German language.  But I've been seeing a ton of super fun international sewing patterns posted lately (specifically, a lot of German patterns), and I couldn't resist joining in on the craze.  When I looked at the strike-offs I sewed up for the month of February, I realized that they were all from international designers (three German, and one Australian)! 

I know some people are intimidated by sewing a pattern from a different language, but if you have basic knowledge when it comes to sewing apparel, most of the steps will be pretty self-explanatory.  And if it's a good tutorial, there should be decent pictures of the steps included in the instructions.  If all else fails, I've been loving being a part of the facebook group International Knit Sew-A-Longs; it's a great resource for help sewing international patterns.  I had a ton of fun sewing these up-- it was more of an adventure than my normal sewing!  

I'll show off what I've been making and give you some tips along the way! 


This is the Lady Tasja from MiaLuna.  I used fabric from Aurora Designs-- they have a fandom round going on right now (I got the Harry Potter print, but they also have Game of Thrones, Dr Who, Star Wars, and Super Natrual), and they also have a boat load of different colors of quilted knit available for retail (quilted knit is PERFECT for these sweatshirts!). 

I don't know why the German patterns seem especially popular, but those German designers seem to really know how to make an awesome hoodie (and in the middle of a cold, northern Wisconsin winter, all I want to wear is hoodies). I LOVE this one.  


I've been surprised by the sizing on some of these patterns.  First of all, how this pattern is called Lady Tasja? That's just for sizes 32-46. There's also "Big Lady Tasja", for sizes 46-58.  Sometimes the larger sizes are called "Curvy" (like my next pattern I used, the two patterns are called "Freya Ladies" and "Freya Ladies Curvy").   So make sure you have the right pattern for your size when purchasing.  I don't really like how they split the sizes up like that . . . it would be hard if you were a size that's right on the border between the two-- which do you choose?

For reference, I usually wear a size 8 in ready to wear, and I've been sewing up the size 40 in these German patterns.  I feel like the sizing guidance is lacking in some popular patterns I've used-- one only gave you the full bust measurement to choose size (no waist or hips), and another one didn't give a size chart at all, it had you compare a shirt you liked to the printed pattern to choose your size! 


I used both a kragen (collar) and a kapuze (hood), for this hoodie.  I've used google translate a lot while sewing these, but I've heard that Linguee can be even better.  For just a list of general sewing terms, here's a good cheat sheet from Stash for Good

English is a Germanic language, so I think you'll find that you catch on to some basic words easily.  For example, "hinten" means "back".  Think of the English word "hind" also meaning back. If you say the word out loud, that can help too; like the words "unten" (bottom), or "unterer" (lower). Say them! They sound an awful lot like "under". 


Next up is the Freya Ladies from FinnLey!  Excuse the extreme amazing-ness of this fabric.  The prints and panels are from Vintage Lace and I cannot wait to wear this this summer.  I'm totally going to win the 4th of July party!

Any way, the pattern . . . haha!

One of my favorite things about this pattern is that it actually included layers in Adobe! Unfortunately, most of the international patterns don't have layers at this point.  


Makerist is a good place to find these patterns all in one place.  Click here, and I'll help you get straight to the sewing patterns. You can pay on PayPal just like normal and have all your patterns in one place.  


When sewing these patterns up, you'll want to search to find if there is a seam allowance included. A lot of times, there is not.  The word for seam allowance is  "nahtzugabe" and it's sometimes abbreviated "NZ". 


SIDE NOTE: This is my outdoor cat Coco . . . my husband, Mike, said I could only have a cat if it was an outdoor cat. So, Coco sleeps in the garage in some comfy, cozy bedding, and spends all day inside snuggled up on my bed, ha!  She wouldn't stop meowing at me during these pictures, so I knew she wanted to be included. 

Grant also got a hoodie this month-- Stranger Things style, from Sugar Ink Fabric.  Mike and I have a hard time finding a show that we both enjoy enough to actually watch together, but Stranger Things fit the bill for us! If you haven't seen it, there's a character that really like Ego Waffles . . . thus this waffle print, haha. 


This is the Henry(ette) from Lolletroll.  I love the color blocking on the sleeve.  This pattern DOES include seam allowance, except along the curved color blocked parts, where you have to add it yourself-- tricksters.  

Something that I haven't talked about yet is printing! Most of these patterns are actually designed for A4 paper.  Personally, I just went ahead and bought A4 paper on Amazon (it fluctuates a lot in pricing, but I paid about $10 for a ream).  But, I know other people just use US legal size paper and trim it down to A4 size.  US Letter is the "normal" size of paper that we use here in the US, and I know other people who just print these patterns on letter size and make it work (sometimes it make a difference, sometimes not).  Really, I like having the A4 around because then I know I'm not going to have any issues.  


So, I made one more strike off this month, and it is technically an international pattern . . . but since it's Australian and in English, I don't think you'll have any problems! This is the Miss Ruby Tuesday, from 1 Puddle Lane, in some more 4th of July inspired prints from Vintage Lace (price of the pattern is AUD, so it's cheaper than it looks!).   This pattern has SO many options and add-ons and the fit is spot on. I LOVE it,


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm no expert, but I'm happy to help!  Once you jump in it's really not hard to follow along, I promise :)   -Molly

Here are links one more time: 

www.makerist.de --a great place to start looking for patterns

Aurora Designs-- Harry Potter and other fandoms, plus quilted knit solids
Vintage Lace-- 4th of July prints
Sugar Ink-- Stranger Things and Black Panther this round


Dane's Debut: Peek-A-Boo Patterns Doodlebug Romper

Baby Dane joined the wide open world less than three weeks ago and this past week he joined his mom's business by modeling a new pattern!  Put those kids to work, I say ;)

Introducing the Doodlebug Romper from Peek-a-Boo Patterns! 


Did he knock it out of the park, or what?! He's a natural! Made for the camera (or so says his momma!).  You're running out to buy the pattern right now because of how cute he is, right?!


You can see the lap tee aspect of the pattern here. This camo version I made is actually one of those rompers you pull up from the feet on up, through the neck hole.  It's actually not hard to do with the lap tee, but I know some people don't like this style at all.  Well, for you, there is a snap placket option as well (shown in my second version in blue below).


Gah, that look just melts my heart. He was 12 days old in these photos, but he looks so old to me, with his eyes wide open and looking all alert!

Oh, but I'm supposed to be talking about the pattern? Well, It's hard when I'm so distracted by how cute my baby is, ha!  

Honestly, I only signed up to test because babies grow so stinkin' fast, and I knew this would basically be my only opportunity to test a newborn size pattern.  And I was right.  Babies do grow stinkin' fast.  Like I said, he was 12 days old in the camo romper, and he's wearing a newborn size  . . . well three days later, and here he is, wearing these blue stars in size 3 months! Two week growth spurt! 


You can see the yellow star snaps along the crotch-- I used the snap placket option for this one.  Of course, this pattern also has shorts and short sleeves as options as well.  There's also a kangaroo pocket option that I didn't try out.  


Yawn! Modeling is hard work!


I used cotton lycra for this one and KAM snaps (my favorite!), but my first one was from double brushed poly, and it's extra snuggly.  


I also made one more this week, and sized up to a size 9 months, since it's supposed to be his 4th of July outfit.  Hopefully it fits come July! I received this crazy fun, crazy ridiculous cats-celebrating-Independence-Day fabric as a strike off from Vintage Lace and I'm absolutely crazy about it. 


I added a little (faux) pocket for a little something extra.  Are these cats funny or what?! I made myself a shirt as well (just you wait!) and had enough left over to have the little man match me. 


It's just so ridiculous and I love it, haha! Make sure you check out the rest of Vintage Lace's 4th of July fabrics! I still have to pick out something for my big kids, now that both Dane and I are already set. And don't forget to snap up the Doodlebug Romper here.  

Thanks for letting me show off my newest model! More 4th of July outfits are ready to be shared in the next few days, so make sure you check back. I used some international patterns for my strikes this past week, and I'm excited to share them with you! 



And Baby Makes Five

Last night, my husband asked me how my blog was doing.  When I told him I hadn't posted this month yet, he replied, "WHAT?! You gotta post at least once a week, Molly.  What are you doing?!"

To which I replied, "I just had a baby!!!!" 

"Oh, yeah," he said. Ha!

 Just a few hours old! (And I'm wearing the Movie Night PJs I mentioned in my  Sew What's in Your Hospital Bag  post)

Just a few hours old! (And I'm wearing the Movie Night PJs I mentioned in my Sew What's in Your Hospital Bag post)

That's the best kind of excuse, right?! Our little man arrived on February 2nd.  And if you've ever had a baby, you know what kind of whirlwind it is!  The first week is an absolute blur to me.  And since then, we've been settling in and finding our new routine.  Which has included a lot of baby photo shoots, I have to admit! 

I'm excited to introduce little Dane to you:


Ahhh, fresh babies are just the sweetest.  I love him to pieces.  Labor and delivery was COMPLETELY different than how it went with my first two (starting with the fact that this guy was three days late, as opposed to his 4-5 days early brothers).  He came into the world his own way, and I think he's going to be very different than G and Ro. 

We've already been showing off some of the sweet little outfits I sewed up while I was pregnant.  Only scroll through if you like cute babies. 

My big boys have been SUPER excited to match their little brother!  Insert Valentine's Day cute-ness here: 


Grant is always super proud to get to hold Dane. 


The big kids are wearing Max and Meena patterns in both of the pictures (Mega Max Raglan and True North Hoodie), and Baby Dane is wearing the Muse playsuit from Stitch Upon a Time.  Whenever I get Dane dressed in a me-made outfit now, Grant says, "Oh, he looks handsome. Let's take his picture!" It's things like that my hubby says I'm ruining our children ;) 

I did take a week off from sewing after Dane was born.  But then I jumped back into it. . . I couldn't stay away, haha.  I've done a couple of strikes and pattern tests already, and I can't wait to show them to you! I do still need to find the daily rhythm of being a stay at home mom to these three boys . . . it's already been louder and messier than normal, and this little one isn't even mobile yet!

Thank you so much to everyone who messaged me or commented with good wishes in the days before Dane was born.  It meant so much to me. <3




Sew What's in Your Hospital Bag?!

With my first two pregnancies, I packed my hospital  bag waaay too late in the game. It was a quick rush of randomly throwing things into a bag while I worked my way to the door, contractions increasing, and with little focus on what I actually needed.  Seriously, when we went in to the hospital for my first son, I just kept asking if we had the library books along, because they were due the next day.  I wouldn't stop focusing on those stinkin' library books and making sure they were packed!

This time around, I've been collecting my items for weeks, and actually have a bag ready to go now.  You'd think I was preparing for vacation, the way I've been sewing and planning for this--what?--24 to 48 hours in the hospital?!  

So, I thought I'd share the items I sewed specifically with labor and post-delivery in mind! And of course, I had to include the  outfits I'm packing for the little guy., because they're too cute not to share!

For Me

For during delivery, I sewed up this gorgeous Brazi (from Stitch Upon a Time).  I did the crossover option for easy nursing right afterwards.  I see asks all the time for good labor and delivery gowns, but I'm planning on spending as much time in the jet tub as possible, so this was all I really wanted for delivery.  This fabric is cotton lycra from Smoogie Fabric and Design. 


With my first two boys, I settled in and wore my pajamas all day after they were born.  It was great.  Now even more, I'm looking forward to relaxing in bed all day with my newborn, while my in-laws manage the chaos that is my toddler and preschooler, haha.  Comfy pajamas are an absolute must, so I chose brushed poly and the Movie Night Pajamas pattern from Sew a Little Seam.   


The snaps will be great for nursing, and this fabric is ultra snuggly!


If the Movie Night Pajamas fail me, I also packed this Brazi top and Halla Sleep Shorts set.  They're made from an ultra-fantastic brushed poly from Vintage Lace.  I feel so stinkin' cute in this set.  


My final hospital make that I was dead set on accomplishing before baby arrived was this robe from Greenstyle.  It'll be perfect to wear over the Brazi set! I've wanted to make the Sybil Robe since it was released and this was the best excuse.  


Again, I had to choose brushed poly, haha.  This is the mid-length robe, in style B.  I love the princess seams! I'm sure I'll be wearing this a TON in the weeks after the baby is born.


Finally, I'm going to be heading home in this new RuLo sweater from George + Ginger, along with some comfy leggings!  The pattern released just this week, so you can see all of my testers here.  It's a great loose-fitting dolman, and I think it'll be super easy to wear post-partum (read: comfy and forgiving).  I'm a total George + Ginger girl, so I had to choose something G+G to go home in!



For the Baby

Okay, bear with me, guys. Because even though he'll probably only end up wearing one of these outfits, I'm packing quite a few momma-made goods for the new arrival.  I can't help it-- they're so little and cute. 

Side note: Does everyone else just keep their baby swaddled  in a diaper and hospital onesie until they get dressed to go home?  Because that's the way I did  it my first times around. . . maybe this little guy will have to have an outfit change or two instead!

A top contender for the going-home outfit is this set from Patterns for Pirates! It's brand new and free as part of their 75 thousand member celebration! 


The Wee Lap Tee, Petite Pegs, Teeny Beanie, and Baby's Burpie are the perfect set to pack or to gift, so make sure you take advantage of these new freebies!  


I also made these sweet little sleepers in newborn sizes.  This is the Muse from Stitch Upon a Time.  I love not having feet on them because I am crazy about babies in moccasins.  Baby will be living in those little gray moccs for as long as possible!


Finally, I love this Panda hoodie too much not to pack it as well . . . it was one of the new True North mock-ups I made during testing (see more on that pattern here).  This pattern is fantastic, and I just I love babies in monochrome outfits! 


While I almost exclusively sew apparel, two more quick sews will be along for the ride-- a muslin swaddle blanket, and this fleece/minky carseat blanket.  This is my first winter baby, and I feel so bad for him already, with all the fierce Lake Superior wind that will be whipping around his first few months of life. He's going to have to be one tough cookie!


Thanks for appeasing me while I showed off my ridiculous amount of hospital goods! The count down is on! I'll be sure to post some baby spam of whatever outfit the little guy actually comes home in.  Wish me luck-- this is the last post I had planned until baby arrives! <3 

sew what's in your hospital bag.png