Rave & Riot: G&G Pattern Release

George and Ginger has this awesome new bundle-- the Rave Shirt Set and the Riot Skirt Set. This is pretty much a fail on my part, but these patterns actually released a month ago!  I don't know what I was doing, but apparently I wasn't blogging about them, ha! But without further ado . . .


Ahh, so much love for this outfit! This is a brushed poly Rave shirt, with the angled neckline, along with a circle skirt Riot, with the curved waistband.  Between the two patterns, you have SO many mix and match options (either are great on their own too!). 


I'm actually about 18 weeks pregnant in these photos, but I told Kristi I would love to test, as long as I could do the circle skirt-- perfect for hiding the bump and not having to make any modifications to the patterns! 


I used ponte for the skirt set and added the cute little buttons on the front since they went great with the curved waistband option.  I love the straps-- I see so many cute sets in the future! And here's a little close up on that angled neckline: 


And my outfit is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are SO many options in this bundle.  Like so, so many. 

rave riot.jpg

So the Riot skirt has four different main skirt options: the circle skirt, pleated skirt, fitted skirt, and the fitted skirt with flounce.  Then there are three different waistband options: the basic, curved, and strapy. 

The shirt has three neckline options: scoop, square, and angled, plus all your normal sleeve options.  

I can't figure out how many combinations that is, but it's a lot.  Someday I'll create a graph ;) 

I was searching for a treasure at the thrift store a few weeks after the release of these patterns, and boy, oh boy, a treasure I did find! 


Check out that animal print! It's a stretch velvet. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to come home with me and become a Riot skirt.  There was just enough to do the mini circle skirt option.  


I was too excited to sew up a shirt to go with it, so I just used a plain black ready-to-wear shirt.  

And it all made me feel extra fun and sassy, ha! 


Want your Rave and Riot set?  Grab it here

GeorgeandGingerRave and Riot Set.png