DIY Knotted Bracelets


I'm so happy with how these bracelets turned out!  I'm going to be leading this craft with my moms' group, so I had some friends over last week to try it out. It was a fun little project and so easy too.  I think they're totally on trend and the perfect finishing touch to your spring wardrobe. Let's get started! 

Here is your supply list (see the end of the post for specific notes): 

  • A heavy weight yarn, or light rope
  • Ribbon clamps
  • Jump Rings
  • Clasps
  • Sharp scissors or shears
  • Pliers (I recommend both Linesman and jewelry or needle nose) 
  • Lighter (if you're using synthetic fibers)


Step One: Cut 4 pieces of yarn, measuring 13 inches each. 

Step Two: Take one piece and lay it like this:

Step Three: Take a second piece and lay it out like this:


Step Four: You're going to take the top piece (that I'm pointing to) and go across the loop, going under (a), over (b), and under (c). Follow the picture and the arrow! 

Now it should look like this! 

Step Five: Incorporate the other two strands into your knot, one at a time, following the existing strands. Here's what it looked like after I added the third strand, getting ready to add the forth: 

And after all four strands are worked in:

Step Six: Now that all four strands are incorporated in the knot, tighten it. You'll want to do this evenly. I usually have to to tighten and loosen and reshape until it's laying nice like how I want it. 

Step Seven: Now compare the bracelet to your wrist, and cut off any extra length. Using the sharp shears, trim the ends so that they are all the exact same length. If you're using a synthetic fiber, burn the edges with a lighter or match until they are melted. If you are using an all-natural fiber, consider using a product like Fray Check or glue at the ends.  Here you can see one strand before it's been burned and one strand afterwards. Treating the ends to prevent fraying is highly recommended! Otherwise you'll end up with little pieces sticking out of your clamps over time.  

Step Eight:  One side at a time, line up the four strands inside of a ribbon clamp. Make sure the entirety of each strand is inside of the clamp-- you only get one chance to get this part right! Using a pliers (I recommend a linesman, because it's perfect for these larger ribbon clamps!), press down evenly, closing the clamp. You want the teeth of the clamp to grab the strands of yarn.  Repeat on the other side. 


Step Nine: Using a jewelry pliers or similar small pliers, add the jump rings, clasps, and/or extender chains. You can see that I used the extenders for the pink bracelet, as well as the cream/white colored one. For the other two, I simply used the clasp and the jump ring. 

You can use just two strands to make a single version like the blue one above.

You can also play around with the colors-- make them all one color, or mix and match colors! 


I love how they turned out! Next time I'm going to use more of a rope material to make a more nautical-inspired one! OR, I'm going to try it with fabric scraps to coordinate with an outfit I've sewn up! 

If you make one, make sure you let me know how it goes! <3 


A couple notes on the supplies:

  • I do recommend a synthetic yarn of some sort. What's nice about it is that you can burn the ends so it doesn't fray.  I tried this bracelets with a 100% cotton rope, and it didn't take long for me to have frayed edges peaking out from the sides of my clamps. The yarn I used is from Hobby Lobby, it's a 6 (super bulky) and is 58% Polyester, 42% Acrylic. 
  • As far as size of the crimps goes, I bought my yarn ahead of time and measured it. I knew there would be four raw edges on each end, so I cut four strips of yarn and measured it. Using this particular yarn, I needed size 20 mm crimp ends. If I did the single version, instead of the double version, the 10 mm crimp ends were perfect.
  • I've been trying to make these bracelet's for over a year! My problem was that I knew how to do the knot, but I could never find the right hard wear to finish it off (the ribbon crimps). My local craft stores (HobLob, Michael's and Jo-Ann's) didn't carry any ribbon clamps large enough. I finally found this on Amazon (click the picture below)-- it's perfect. It has everything needed to finish the bracelets, all organized in a sweet little box: the clamps, jump rings, and clasps all in both gold and silver.  I absolutely recommend it for your craft supply collection! However, for my mom's group (30-40 people attending, I'm likely ordering sets from Etsy, so I can order bulk the exact size clasps I need. Just search for ribbon crimps or clamps, in whatever size you need.
Knotted Bracelet DIY.jpg