Mama Isabel from Made for Mermaids


The newest pattern from Made for Mermaids knocks it out of the park. Mama Isabel is a true wrap dress and of course comes with some awesome options.  I love wrap dresses-- they're so easy to wear and so forgiving if you loose or gain a few pounds.  There are six skirt options on this one: shirt length, mini, knee length, tulip knee length, maxi, and tulip maxi. Being a true wrap dress, this one is a fabric hog (especially the maxi versions), but it's worth it! 

This was my first time pretesting a pattern with Made for Mermaids, and I'm so glad I got in on the action early. I was able to make three Mama Isabels over the course of testing. They come together really easily.  Hemming is the biggest battle! 

My first one, I used a rayon spandex from Jo-Ann's.  This is the knee length version with 3/4 sleeves. The one downfall to a wrap dress is that sometimes the underskirt can droop, and the corner of the underskirt can peek out, which I find ultra-annoying. I did have that issue with this one, BUT you can bypass this problem by cutting one front skirt on the tulip line, and one front skirt on the basic knee length. 

Next I made a sleeveless tulip maxi from brushed poly from Love Adore Knit Fabrics. I had ordered mass amounts of this fabric, and made sure to hoard some for this project.  The tulip options for this skirt are possibly my favorite options of all time. Especially this maxi. I mean, come on! How great is this skirt?! The pattern piece is gigantic (definitely bigger than my cutting mat) and I swore when I was making it that I would never do this maxi version again. But when I tried it on, I fell head over heels for this look. The end result is definitely worth the added effort of cutting such large pattern pieces. 

I love the dramatic look of the tulip maxi. And this windy March day was prime for showing it off. 

I love the dramatic look of the tulip maxi. And this windy March day was prime for showing it off. 

For my last Isabel, I decided to do an easy modification-- turn it into a faux wrap. I only had a two yard cut of this awesome double brushed poly also from Love Adore Knit Fabrics. Two yards just isn't enough for a full wrap, but it was exactly how much I needed for a knee-length, long sleeve, faux wrap. This is a super easy mod! Just cut two skirts, and sew them like normal. Baste the front bodices together on the side seam and treat it as 1 front piece. You could baste them together along the bottom too so when you attach the skirt they don't move (but I didn't so that step). The skirt and the bodice should fit perfectly together without any stretching. I made a separate waist tie, but you could sew a tie on as well. The faux wrap is nice because I do tend to futz with my wrap dresses, adjusting and retying the tie, and the like.  I love the final look! 

This look is date night approved! Team Mermaid has been rocking the deep V's this past year, and this is yet another awesome execution.  

Here are the source links one more time: 

Pattern: Mama Isabel from Made for Mermaids-- also available in girls' version and as a limited time bundle

Fabrics: Love Adore Knit Fabric (floral brushed polys), Jo-Ann's (Nicole Miller rayon spandex)