Sunday Lately: Week 120

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe, led by Katy (Wild & Wanderful) and Angelica (Gardening in High Heels).  We e-hangout every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the past week of life in our own worlds. 

This week's themes: Reading, Fancying, Getting, Doubting, Scheduling

Reading:  Confession: YA dystopian series are my guilty pleasure. Hunger Games, The Selection, Divergent, you know what I mean.  They're quick, addictive reads, and my husband makes fun of me to no end. But right now, I'm reading King's Cage, which is the new book in the Red Queen series. If you liked any of the three previously mentioned series, you'll love this one! Start with the Red Queen-- intrigue, deception, a growing rebellion, danger at every corner!-- and you'll thank me later ;) 

Fancying: Oh, so much fancying my brand new niece, who was born this Thursday. I got to see her three times already, and get in some baby snuggles. She's just the sweetest! 

Getting: Getting used to my husband's beardless face. . . in the six years that I've known Mike, he's only NOT had a beard for about five months (and that was three years ago). I was NOT prepared to go through that again, and I took it pretty hard to be honest. I mean, he seriously looks like a completely different person! I feel like I'm cheating on my husband . . . with my husband.  

(Insert the-best-we-can-do family Easter photo here.)

Doubting:  I went into this week knowing I'd be over-stressed and under-slept-- I picked up an extra shift this week, knew my niece was coming, family would be in town, and Easter shenanigans were to be had.  I had a survive-not-thrive mentality.  But every time I doubted anything this week, I was completely blown away with little acts of kindness, encouragement, and compliments from so many unknowing people, lifting me up exactly when I needed it. From a sold-out stocking, to my first sale using my website, to some majorly sweet shout outs in my sewing circles, plus something super fun that I can't even announce yet, my heart is bursting. 

Scheduling: This week, I've been looking into scheduling next school year! Grant is going to be THREE in May, and he is SO ready for something extra in his day.  I'm so excited to get him into a little 3K program next year! This momma will enjoy the little extra quiet time that will bring-- whether for Middle River Studio work, household errands, or some nice one-on-one time with little man Roman. <3 

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup presented by the Blogger Tribe.

Next week's themes: Laughing, Suggesting, Reminding, Embracing, Creating.

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