I Wish that I Had Jessie's Girl:: Pattern Release from 5oo4

I love 80's music and I heard the team at 5 out of 4 Patterns does too! Which is why their newest pattern may have been influenced by a certain Rick Springfield song that I've been singing ever since I started testing this pattern ;)

The Jessie Top and Dress is live at 5 out of 4! 


If you just do the high back in the top or dress, this is GREAT basic tee or dress pattern.  The fit is spot on, so it makes a great staple.  But, you have the bonus of these great back options-- low back, strappy, and racer back! 

5oo4 Jessie size M 1.jpg

I went with the strappy back! I love it and I promise, it's not hard to accomplish. 

5oo4 Jessie size M 3.jpg

I paired this tunic length with a pair of Ninja Pants (also from 5oo4, and free with a code from their Facebook group!  All of my fabric is from Knitpop

5oo4 Jessie size M 6.jpg

The photo below is actually the cover photo on the 5oo4 website! I was so excited to be the feature photo! But, I suppose I should give my photographer a shout out. Seriously, I take 99.5% of my own photos.  But the ONE time in MONTHS that Mike helps me out, of course, those are the photos that get the love. So, shout out to Mike, haha. 

The low back is designed to cover your bra band, but if you're short-torsoed, like me, you may need to raise your scoop up and adjust the length of your bands/binding.  I did need to raise mine by about an inch. 

5oo4 Jessie size M 2.jpg

I did make one more of these, but I didn't manage to photograph it.  And my left eye is mysteriously swollen and red today, so I'm in no shape to snap a few before this post goes live, like I planned to.  Ah, well! 

I'm new to testing at 5oo4, and have already had a great experience! Rachelle and I have been on other tester and strike-off teams before, so it was great to get to test a design that she made! And, I'm already under way testing there next pattern too <3 

Grab your copy of Jessie before Wednesday and get the release sale price!

Oh, and here's a picture of my cutie to leave you with (in the True North Hoodie, that I blogged about here, but he's finally able to model!).  He's growing so stinkin' fast!

Jessie Top & Dress5 out of 4 Patterns.png