And Baby Makes Five

Last night, my husband asked me how my blog was doing.  When I told him I hadn't posted this month yet, he replied, "WHAT?! You gotta post at least once a week, Molly.  What are you doing?!"

To which I replied, "I just had a baby!!!!" 

"Oh, yeah," he said. Ha!

 Just a few hours old! (And I'm wearing the Movie Night PJs I mentioned in my  Sew What's in Your Hospital Bag  post)

Just a few hours old! (And I'm wearing the Movie Night PJs I mentioned in my Sew What's in Your Hospital Bag post)

That's the best kind of excuse, right?! Our little man arrived on February 2nd.  And if you've ever had a baby, you know what kind of whirlwind it is!  The first week is an absolute blur to me.  And since then, we've been settling in and finding our new routine.  Which has included a lot of baby photo shoots, I have to admit! 

I'm excited to introduce little Dane to you:


Ahhh, fresh babies are just the sweetest.  I love him to pieces.  Labor and delivery was COMPLETELY different than how it went with my first two (starting with the fact that this guy was three days late, as opposed to his 4-5 days early brothers).  He came into the world his own way, and I think he's going to be very different than G and Ro. 

We've already been showing off some of the sweet little outfits I sewed up while I was pregnant.  Only scroll through if you like cute babies. 

My big boys have been SUPER excited to match their little brother!  Insert Valentine's Day cute-ness here: 


Grant is always super proud to get to hold Dane. 


The big kids are wearing Max and Meena patterns in both of the pictures (Mega Max Raglan and True North Hoodie), and Baby Dane is wearing the Muse playsuit from Stitch Upon a Time.  Whenever I get Dane dressed in a me-made outfit now, Grant says, "Oh, he looks handsome. Let's take his picture!" It's things like that my hubby says I'm ruining our children ;) 

I did take a week off from sewing after Dane was born.  But then I jumped back into it. . . I couldn't stay away, haha.  I've done a couple of strikes and pattern tests already, and I can't wait to show them to you! I do still need to find the daily rhythm of being a stay at home mom to these three boys . . . it's already been louder and messier than normal, and this little one isn't even mobile yet!

Thank you so much to everyone who messaged me or commented with good wishes in the days before Dane was born.  It meant so much to me. <3




Our First First Day of School!

Okay, let's be honest: Grant is three.  His program meets for FIVE hours a WEEK. So, it might be hard to call this "school" . . . but he's wearing a backpack, he has a teacher, he puts his stuff in a cubby and leaves me for 2.5 hours twice a week, so. . . I'm gonna call this school.  I'll take what I can get, ha! 


I've basically been looking forward to this since Grant started toddlerhood.  This kid is a big ole pile of energy and sass. Let's just call him "high spirited".  


Case in point: We were just about to leave and I was getting the camera out to take these pictures.  I turned my back to get the light-up sign ready.  I heard Grant marching around the dining room, banging whatever new "drums" he had found.  Suddenly I hear a burst and a shatter and a cry.  Turns out his new "drums" were two lightbulbs he had grabbed out of my camera bag for my photography light set.  Cue the crying, the angry mom, and the cleaning up of broken glass.   

So, yeah . . . yay for getting out of the house! 


He was subdued on the car ride in . . . though he did want to know why he doesn't get to ride the bus!  

But this is what I get when I ask for smiles.  I don't know why.  


Don't let this happy kid fool you . . . he definitely cried when I left.  Cue the mom guilt (relieved when I heard back from a friend that he was smiling and waving and her when she walked by a little while later).  


Roman was pretty devastated that he doesn't get to go . . . he wants a backpack and to go to school too.  Thankfully, tears subsided after I asked if he wanted a donut.  


I loved having the time with just Roman.  After our coffee and donut break, we went grocery shopping and to the only big box store we have left in town (not that I'm still bitter about Target leaving, or anything like that).  Man, is it nice to shop with just one kid.  I can keep one kid happy.  One kid is easy as pie! 


Since we live too far out of town to drive back home, Roman and I will likely be doing a fair bit of grocery shopping while Grant's at Shooting Stars.  A little bit of the train museum and some playdates too, hopefully!   

Grant was all smiles when we picked him up.  He can't remember anything they did, but at least this painting was sent home as proof that he did something while he was there ;) 


Annnnd, this is why we 3k:  


Thanks for appeasing my need to post all the first day photos ;)