Friday, Freebies and Favorite Things!

TGIF! It has been a long, snowy week here in the Northland.  But it's the weekend now, the snow is melting, and I have a few new favorite things this week: Alexa, PDF Plotting, and the new free pattern releasing today at George + Ginger!


Guys, I made a totally spontaneous purchase on Monday, and I bought an Echo Dot from Amazon (it was on sale, so it's justified!).  The reason I bought it: I really just wanted to listen to public radio while I sew.  I realize I could have bought a radio . . . or got techie and figured out away to do it on my bluetooth speaker, but this was so much easier.  First world problems, right? 

But, I've been loving it.  I've asked what the weather is, what's in the news, and requested a joke. Best use yet: "Alexa, set a timer for three minutes for Grant's timeout." Haha! Honestly, I've mostly just been using it for music, but I gotta say, as a mom of three, I'm mostly loving that she listens to what I say and does what she's asked the first time- ha! It's the little things in life. My husband's making fun of me about it, but for $40, I'm sold.  It's been great to have some entertainment when I'm staying up late sewing or home all day with the kids. 

PDF Plotting

I'm starting to get the blog at George + Ginger up and running, and I had reached out to a couple businesses about collaborating.  One of the businesses I approached was PDF Plotting.  My home printer and I fight on a regular basis, and I'd always been interested in using the A0 large format printing that's included with patterns. The customer service at PDF Plotting was fantastic and they're sew up specifically for sewing patterns.  I was so excited to use my A0 patterns this week! It's so nice to not have to tape/glue patterns together-- plus these fold up so much nicer for storing!

Printing your Sewing Patterns with PDF Plotting (2).png

If you're interested in the print services, pop over to their site (use code GG15 for 15% percent off your first order through May 31st) or read more about it on the George + Ginger blog.  The prints are perfect for extra big patterns, like maxi skirts, which brings me to . . .

Pattern Freebie!

Okay, so my favorite thing this week has got to be the new Festival Freebies from George + Ginger!


Part of the Musical Festival Collection, these two free patterns are embracing the boho vibe! The bonnet is perfect for wovens or knits, as long as one layer is nice and stable.  The skirt is made for wovens (knits would be too heavy).  I used a Georgette crepe here, from Sincerely Rylee


The skirt is a true wrap, with buttons or snaps for closures.  I'm planning two hacks-- adding a ruffle and doing it as a tie closure.  


I made a simple crop top to pair with the high-waisted skirt using the Bonnaroo Bundle tank.  I really love it, and surprisingly (considering the weather), I already wore this outfit, paired with a jean button up on top.  I see more of these skirts in my future, that's for sure! I'm not sure if I'll make more bonnets for me personally, but I always say I'll wear anything once ;) 

I can't wait to see your Festival Freebies sews! The pattern is listed at the G+G site, so pop on over and snag your free copy, no coupon code needed. Let me know if your try PDF Plotting and give me your favorite Alexa skills! 

Have a good weekend, 


Free Sewing Pattern Maxi Wrap Skirt George and Ginger Middle River Studio.png
Free Sewing Pattern Maxi Wrap Skirt George and Ginger Middle River Studio (1).png








The Bonnaroo Bundle:: George + Ginger Pattern Release

I'm crazy excited about everything going on at George + Ginger.  I'm telling you, Kristi always has something up her sleeve! She's letting go, moving up, and embracing her style with the new Music Festival Collection.  I'm just glad I get to come along for the ride! 

Introducing the new Bonnaroo Bundle:


This skirt floats, people.  It's amazing and I feel amazing in it.


The hi-low skirt is designed to flair out a little extra in the back, and give you almost a train (to  help make you feel like a goddess). 


The tank has ties sewn in at the shoulder seams, and comes in cropped and regular length.  For me, the cropped could be even more cropped . . . I took two inches off of one I made today, and I'm considering another half inch. When my waist is covered (like in this skirt), I love rocking a crop top.  And I intend to do so a ton this summer, after spending last summer pregnant!


See what I mean, about the floating? Granted it's Lake Superior and there's always wind, but still . . .

This is a Georgette crepe from Sincerely Rylee.  They're having a big ole sale this weekend, and wovens are going to be extra on sale in honor of this pattern, so make sure to check it out!


Please, go check out the G+G blog and see all the amazing options for this bundle, because as per the course lately, I only managed to make one during testing.  This is becoming a bad habit . . . but the children need attention too (apparently).  

Speaking of which . . .

I had a bunch of projects last month that I managed to sew, but not share here.  Here's a check in from my cute kids (mostly for my mom), along with one of those projects: a minky blanket topped from RP Custom Fabrics


Dane is getting gigantic, basically.  I hate how fast babies grow.  And here's Ro.  

Roman loves blankets.  All blankets. So this is one photo session he happily obliged in. 


And G thought it was hilarious to get to be in the crib with this blanket. 


That's all from me! TGIF, because those sweet little angels have been driving me insane this week.  Cabin Fever has reached is max here! 

Have a fantastic weekend and make sure to pop on over to G+G so you can get your boho on!

xo Molly

George + Ginger Patterns bonnaroo bundle sewing pattern pdf pattern sewing.png



Kate Vintage Tea Dress

New week, new designer, new pattern!

I found Designer Stitch a few weeks ago, because of their awesome Indu Wrap Pants (seriously, check out that pattern!).  I haven't made them yet, but I thought the design was super fun.  Shortly after I joined the group, the designer, Ann, had a tester call for a completely different type of design-- a vintage style tea dress. Gotta hand it to her for the diversity in her designs!  

I've enjoyed being on the Designer Stitch tester team with one exception--Ann is out of Australia so with the massive time difference, I miss so much! The bulk of the fun discussion happens when I'm sleeping, so I feel like I'm always late to the game-- the little sister tagging along, haha. 

The moment I saw the tester call, I knew I wanted this dress.  I loved the vintage flair and I thought it would be a fun dress for some events we have planned this summer. Plus, I had an extra crinoline laying around, waiting for a dress to call home ;) 

Here's the Kate Vintage Tea Dress:


Just add shoes and belt that I found at Goodwill for a hot $4.50! I was so stinkin' excited to fine that belt (what a great match!) and the shoes were the color of the week for an extra 75% off.  Goodwill for the win. 


I made the 3/4 circle skirt version (to accomodate that crinoline!).  I'll admit, the instructions were  not "beginner friendly", but if you have some basic sewing knowledge and know how to Google, you should be fine.  


This pink crepe is from Jo-Ann's.  I thought the pink and red made it a little more vintage-esque.  Mike thought women didn't wear pink all that much yet in the 50s. But as it turns out, Mamie Eisenhower wore pink to her husband's inauguration, and cemented the color in women's fashion in 1953.  So there's a history lesson for you!


This used waaaaaay less yardage than I anticipated, so if you want one, I have enough fabric to send you to make your own. Just throwing it out there in case you want to twin. 


The pattern goes by cup size and makes for a pretty darn good perfect fit. I made a muslin but it was fabulous from the get-go. 


If love it as much as I do, Kate is on sale right now! Cheers to my first pattern test with Designer Stitch! I hope to do more-- I've seen some sneak peeks, and I gotta tell you, they have some amazing things coming down the line. 

And hey, I have to show off this bridge where I took my pictures: 


I've done so many pictures here these past two weeks.  It's at a local state park, Amnicon Falls.  It's hopping with tourists in the summer, so I doubt I'll get to keep taking pictures here, but it's been great for this cold, snowy April. Even in the winter time, I've been caught by joggers a few times here. It's gorgeous in the summer and fall, with waterfalls and hiking trails weaving throughout the park. Definitely worth a stop here in Northern Wisconsin! 

Have a good week!

xo Molly

Kate vintage tea dress designer stitch pdf patterns dress sewing pattern (1).png

Gloria:: New Release from 5 out of 4 Patterns

I'm definitely still in the adjustment period on this whole three kids thing. Know how I know? Because this pattern has a boatload of options, and I only made one during testing.   Dane is staying awake more and more and the other two have a bad case of cabin fever.  I'm dreaming of melting snow and sending those two outside for hours on end.  But for now, only one Gloria was made.  

Gloria 5oo4.jpg

How about that split sleeve, huh? It's definitely my favorite option!  I love it in the short sleeve, but I went for 3/4 here.  The pattern does also include regular sleeves and cut lines for a tank if split sleeves aren't your thing ;) 

5oo4 Gloria Size M5.jpg

I made the high/low, but there's also a skater skirt option.  Both come in peplum, short dress and long dress lengths.  See what I mean?  So many options!

5oo4 Gloria Size M8.jpg

My advice on this split sleeve though, is to make sure you have not just matching thread for the top, but for the bobbin as well.  I definitely made that mistake, and the white thread was super noticeable with how open the sleeve is. 

5oo4 Gloria Size M3.jpg

This textured knit is super fun-- I found it at Jo-Ann's! They also had white and navy (which I bought too!).  I honestly woke up one Saturday and was like, "I have to go to Jo-Ann's and get that fabric.  I will not rest until that fabric is in my hands."  Woman on a mission.  

5oo4 Gloria Size M6.jpg

Okay, so I'm going back to my daily chaos of trying to manage these three wild cats.  You go buy this pattern! It's on sale through Sunday, and then 5 out of 4 is going to start their 20k member celebration on Monday, so make sure to join their Facebook group!

Have a great Easter weekend! 


Gloria PDF sewing Pattern from 5oo4, 5 out of 4.png






I Wish that I Had Jessie's Girl:: Pattern Release from 5oo4

I love 80's music and I heard the team at 5 out of 4 Patterns does too! Which is why their newest pattern may have been influenced by a certain Rick Springfield song that I've been singing ever since I started testing this pattern ;)

The Jessie Top and Dress is live at 5 out of 4! 


If you just do the high back in the top or dress, this is GREAT basic tee or dress pattern.  The fit is spot on, so it makes a great staple.  But, you have the bonus of these great back options-- low back, strappy, and racer back! 

5oo4 Jessie size M 1.jpg

I went with the strappy back! I love it and I promise, it's not hard to accomplish. 

5oo4 Jessie size M 3.jpg

I paired this tunic length with a pair of Ninja Pants (also from 5oo4, and free with a code from their Facebook group!  All of my fabric is from Knitpop

5oo4 Jessie size M 6.jpg

The photo below is actually the cover photo on the 5oo4 website! I was so excited to be the feature photo! But, I suppose I should give my photographer a shout out. Seriously, I take 99.5% of my own photos.  But the ONE time in MONTHS that Mike helps me out, of course, those are the photos that get the love. So, shout out to Mike, haha. 

The low back is designed to cover your bra band, but if you're short-torsoed, like me, you may need to raise your scoop up and adjust the length of your bands/binding.  I did need to raise mine by about an inch. 

5oo4 Jessie size M 2.jpg

I did make one more of these, but I didn't manage to photograph it.  And my left eye is mysteriously swollen and red today, so I'm in no shape to snap a few before this post goes live, like I planned to.  Ah, well! 

I'm new to testing at 5oo4, and have already had a great experience! Rachelle and I have been on other tester and strike-off teams before, so it was great to get to test a design that she made! And, I'm already under way testing there next pattern too <3 

Grab your copy of Jessie before Wednesday and get the release sale price!

Oh, and here's a picture of my cutie to leave you with (in the True North Hoodie, that I blogged about here, but he's finally able to model!).  He's growing so stinkin' fast!

Jessie Top & Dress5 out of 4 Patterns.png



The With Love Dress:: G+G Pattern Release

This fall, I sat in my car and cried, parked outside of Kwiktrip while I listened to NPR report on yet another mass shooting.  I had just dropped Grant off at 3k, I was pregnant with baby Dane, and Roman sat in the van with me, asking when we were going in.  But I couldn't stop crying, feeling completely overwhelmed, thinking of my three boys, thinking of how this violence keeps happening, and thinking how there was nothing I could do to help any of it.   

I know, I know, not a very sunshine-y start to a blog post about a dress.  But, my point is that I know that feeling of frustration and desperation to do something. And I'm glad that Kristi felt it too. What does a pattern designer do when she wants to make a difference? Design a dress with a purpose.  The George + Ginger With Love Dress.  All proceeds from the release of the dress will be donated to the Sandy Hook Promise.  

In Kristi's words on the George + Ginger Facebook group: "This project and this group mean a lot to me. I would appreciate this effort not turning into a debate, but a chance for us all to come together, rise up and do something from the heart...and all agree that changes need to be made. I don’t have the perfect answer or solution, but I’m determined to support any effort to educate and inform about these tragedies and issues. And there will be more to come! This group has proven its capability of moving mountains time and again—and we always do it together with love." 

I'll show off my pictures, but I'm not going to blab too much about the dress, since I think the topic outweighs the fashion statement. I think you'll agree, though, it's a pretty darn cute dress.  The run down: dolman style, elastic waist, three skirt options, and made for lightweight knits. It's a quick sew, and perfect for spring and summer. 

Here's my dress version with rayon spandex from Vinegar and Honey Co. 


And maxi version from double brushed poly from KnitPop.


I don't tend to "get political" anywhere outside of my own home, but I'm a mom and the wife of a teacher.  I remember everything about the moment when I first heard about Sandy Hook.  And so I hope you'll excuse my tugged heart-strings just this once, even if the Sandy Hook Promise isn't a mission you can stand behind.  Because I believe we desperately need a change.  I do hope you consider purchasing the dress or donating directly to the cause.  You can read more about the Sandy Hook Promise and donate here.  Or check out the With Love Dress and purchase it here

With love, 


G+G With Love Dress.png