Arianna Floral: Vintage Lace Strike-Offs

The Fall Round at Vintage Lace open today! Yes, Fall Round, haha.  Such is the circle of life in strike-off sewing.  Next month, I'll be sewing for Christmas! 

While this round does have Halloween bats and ghosts, back to school apples, and perfect-for-fall footballs and leaves, the strike-off I received is actually great for anytime of year-- the Arianna Florals.  The deep purple is gorgeous and I love the gold accents! 

This is the Megan Romper and Dress from Made for Mermaids! It's a blousy style with a drop shoulder, so it only comes with sleeve options.  I did a little somethin' somethin' and made it sleeveless and used two fronts so that I could have that V in the front and back.  I had to take some of the volume from the sides to make it sleeveless, but it did work out great! I just used my nearest tank pattern and hacked the bodice pieces to match.   

I love how the the double V turned out! I think rompers are just great for the summertime.  They're as cute and effortless as a dress, but the ease of wear is fantastic when you're chasing toddlers all day (read: you're not flashing your booty to your neighbors 32 times a day as bend over to pick up children and lost sippy cups).    

Rocking the mom-romper (momper? HA!) face inserted here: 

With my second strike, I wanted to try out some of the new, FREE patterns from Halla.  The testers rocked the Agnes Swing Top and Dress, so I was excited to give it a go. Unfortunately, I had some fit problems.  I ended up having to take out length from the shoulders (which meant seam-ripping all three neck and arm bands off) and I think the next size down would have been more flattering on me . . . I know that it's supposed to be a swing style, but I think it was too loose even in the bust (and the upper chest especially).  But, hey! That's why we sew!  Personalized fit, right?  And I think it still turned out cute. 

Both of these strikes are brushed poly.  And the brushed poly from Vintage Lace is CRAZY thick! Like, the thickest I've ever encountered (in all honesty, it was actually a little too thick for the Megan Romper . . . I like a little more drape for that pattern).  It's a super high quality base and the colors on brushed poly are always exceptional.  I love how this gold looks against the purple, it actually does look shimmery! 

Write here...

Now, this looks cute with jeans and all, but the truth of the matter is that I made this to be pajamas, haha! Because Halla also put out a free sleep short pattern! So, I made matching sleep shorts, to make this a cute sleep set.  

Mike once asked me why I sew so many dresses that I never wear.  And I told him that I thought a lot of people fall into the habit of making (and buying!) clothes for the life they wish they had, versus the life they actually have.  He didn't exactly get it, but I think it's telling that people only wear about 1/3 of their closet the majority of the time. I mean, I wish I got to wear all my pretty dresses, but in actuality, I live a life of pullovers and leggings.  But, my point is, the tides have changed.  Apparently the current life I wish I had is full of sleep. Because I've made four sets of pajamas this past month! I'm sleepy and just want to be cozy, apparently! 

Head over to Vintage Lace and check out the rest of the Fall Round, along with the Arianna Florals! <3