Five Awesome Baby Shower Gifts to Sew

I'm going to be honest: I generally struggle with gift-giving. I always get super excited, have high expectations, and the best of intentions.  And then I fall majorly short.  But hey, I DO have the best of intentions, which is why I was excited about this month's blog tour from Sewing by Ti: Gifts to Sew! 

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This blog tour was perfect timing for me, since Mike and I have a baby shower on Saturday!  Having just had a baby myself, I was full of ideas of what to sew . . . and having just had a baby myself, I wanted to keep them all for myself. Ha!  

Oh, and per usual, my high expectations met some roadblocks along the way: two left booties, an elastic mishap, and completely forgetting to include and integral part of the baby nest . . .

All of which made me want to hit up the Target registry.  

Just kidding (kind of, not really).  

So with out further ado, here are my top favorite baby sews that are perfect for gift giving: 

Baby Booties


Once upon a time, I hated sewing baby booties.  But then this new pattern, Menta Booties, hit the market a few months ago.  I LOVE it.  So much easier than the former popular bootie pattern.  I've been using it with my scraps for Baby Dane whenever I get the chance.  




Okay, is this precious, or what?! With the baby due in May, this sweet little sew is perfect for summertime.  Super cute with or without a onesie underneath. With the right fabrics, I think it would be perfect for baby photos, so I'd definitely consider sewing up the newborn size for a baby gift.   


This is the Hugo, which is a German pattern (see my post on tips for sewing German patterns!).  I picked it up for just 2 euro during a sale.  Buuut, if you want an English version, Brindle and Twig has a pattern that looks extremely similar.  


I can't get over how cute Dane is in this one that I sewed up for him. I cannot wait for him to wear it this summer (fabric is from RP Custom Fabrics). Annnd, you can see his Menta Booties here too! 

Baby Nest


This was the first thing I sewed after Dane was born, and we've used it a ton! It's great for diaper changes, sleeping while traveling, and having a safe space for baby when you have two other boys wreaking havoc on your house.  Honestly, I've been surprised how much we use it-- it's great! The pattern is from Peek-a-Boo Patterns.  They include some safety instructions with the pattern (like it's not meant for co-sleeping, etc.).  Here's a side-by-side of Dane in the nest when I first made it for him (1 week old), and today (almost 12 weeks old).  I made the newborn-9 months size.  


Even though he's obviously getting big in the nest, I still recommend sewing up the smallest size if you're making it for a baby shower gift-- that's the age when it'll get the most use! Those sweet newborns fall asleep constantly and it's great to have a safe space to put them in where ever you are.  

So, those were the three things I sewed up for this baby shower.  But here are two more favorites of mine to round out the list: 

Baby Set

This is set from Patterns for Pirates has everything you need-- plus the patterns are completely free! Lap band tee, pants, hat, and burp cloth, all ready to go!  Really, I wish I would have just sewn this baby up some more clothes-- that baby nest gave me a run for my money; I should just stick to what I'm good at, haha.  



This is my favorite sleeper (from Stitch Upon a Time).  Dane has ten so far.  I actually prefer sleepers like this one, with no footies. Why? Because we cloth diaper, so, my babies outgrow the width of the sleepers before the length.  So, when we move up sizes, the sleepers are always still to long and the feet flop around. Plus, I love baby shoes and booties, haha. 


So, there we have it-- my list of five great baby shower gifts! If all else fails, surge around a cut of double gauze and call it a day ;)

I realized after I compiled this list, that four of these patterns use snaps! I really recommend Kam snaps for reliability and ease of use.  I got this starter kit from my mother-in-law for Christmas when I thought I wanted to sew diapers, and it's served me so well.  

For more gift ideas for anyone in your life, make sure to check out the rest of the Sewing by Ti Gifts to Sew Blog Tour! Make sure to Pin some new ideas on Pinterest-- I am! :) 

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Baby shower gifts to sew or make yourself.jpg
Baby shower gifts to sew or make yourself (1).jpg
Baby shower gifts to sew or make yourself (1).png