The Bonnaroo Bundle:: George + Ginger Pattern Release

I'm crazy excited about everything going on at George + Ginger.  I'm telling you, Kristi always has something up her sleeve! She's letting go, moving up, and embracing her style with the new Music Festival Collection.  I'm just glad I get to come along for the ride! 

Introducing the new Bonnaroo Bundle:


This skirt floats, people.  It's amazing and I feel amazing in it.


The hi-low skirt is designed to flair out a little extra in the back, and give you almost a train (to  help make you feel like a goddess). 


The tank has ties sewn in at the shoulder seams, and comes in cropped and regular length.  For me, the cropped could be even more cropped . . . I took two inches off of one I made today, and I'm considering another half inch. When my waist is covered (like in this skirt), I love rocking a crop top.  And I intend to do so a ton this summer, after spending last summer pregnant!


See what I mean, about the floating? Granted it's Lake Superior and there's always wind, but still . . .

This is a Georgette crepe from Sincerely Rylee.  They're having a big ole sale this weekend, and wovens are going to be extra on sale in honor of this pattern, so make sure to check it out!


Please, go check out the G+G blog and see all the amazing options for this bundle, because as per the course lately, I only managed to make one during testing.  This is becoming a bad habit . . . but the children need attention too (apparently).  

Speaking of which . . .

I had a bunch of projects last month that I managed to sew, but not share here.  Here's a check in from my cute kids (mostly for my mom), along with one of those projects: a minky blanket topped from RP Custom Fabrics


Dane is getting gigantic, basically.  I hate how fast babies grow.  And here's Ro.  

Roman loves blankets.  All blankets. So this is one photo session he happily obliged in. 


And G thought it was hilarious to get to be in the crib with this blanket. 


That's all from me! TGIF, because those sweet little angels have been driving me insane this week.  Cabin Fever has reached is max here! 

Have a fantastic weekend and make sure to pop on over to G+G so you can get your boho on!

xo Molly

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