The Confidence Collection: G&G Collection Release

There's a reason the new patterns from George and Ginger are called the Confidence Collection. These three mix-and-match patterns are going to make you feel totally fierce and ready to conquer the world.  

The heart of the collection is the Road Trip Bodysuit.  It easily pairs with either the Day Trip Skirt or the Heat Wave Hot Pants.   Not on the bodysuit train? I think you should head over to George and Ginger and check out all the smokin' photos the team put out and you'll change your tune!  But wait! Don't go!  First look at all my outfits, haha! My first looks combines the bodysuit with the skirt, both in brushed poly from Love Adore.  

How fun is that skirt!? I love the draped pockets.  Skirt patterns can be so mundane, but this one is something totally different and absolutely fun! 

I also paired this simple neckline bodysuit with some ready-to-wear shorts.  

I've always loved how put-together I feel in a bodysuit.  Nothing comes untucked, get rumpled or rides up.  Just a sleek, polished look.  I wasn't sure if I'd still love one now, five years and two babies since my last one, but yes, yes I do.  There's something about it that really does inspire confidence.  

My second bodysuit look has a matching Day Trip Skirt OR the Hot Pants! 

I think the lace-up version of the bodysuit is ah-maz-ing!  It makes me spontanteously sing and dance 'All My Single Ladies'. 

The bodysuit fabric is from Jo-Ann's athleticwear line, the jegging hot pants from Love Adore, and the skirt is an AWFUL fabric from ye olde Hancocks from days of yore. It was fine to test out the pattern in this fabric, but to be honest, it's now going to be thrown in the trash.  It's scratchy and stiff and not at all comfortable or suited for the pattern.  Or to wear at all.  Ever.  It's the worst fabric I've ever graced my body with.  But, I'm going to have to find a different black and white striped fabric and make a new one, because I love the combo of these two!

Lastly, I made one more pair of hot pants, along with a cropped Edgy Top to go with it! 

How fun and bright is this outfit?! It just screams 'summer!' to me!  Both fabrics are Liverpool, from Knitpop.  

To make my crop top, I shortened it to a five inch side seam (just like for my swim version of the top).  

These hot pants are fantastic. I love the pleats and how they look on my backside, haha! There is also a pocket version, but I haven't tried them yet.  Both of my pairs have the slim waistband, which I opted for because I'm short-waisted, but there is also a wide waistband option.  

Welcome to summer, friends.  Time to get out there and rock it, Confidence Collection style. 

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