As Featured on Dad Sews!

Whenever I'm feeling bummed about sewing (. . . low sewjo, feeling like my items haven't been good enough or that I'm plumb out of creativity, etc, etc . . . ), something happens to turn me around.  And back in May, I remember I was in one of those moods (oh, the tortured life of a sewing artist!), and then I got a message from Dad Sews asking if I'd like to be featured on his Sewing Spotlight!  Total compliment and complete mood changer! 

Of course, then I was stressed about actually doing the video (doesn't everyone hate themselves on camera?!) and then I spent the summer in a first-trimester sewing limbo.  And so it was fall by the time I actually made this happen.  Such is life, haha. 

BUT! I was super excited this week to finally be featured on the Sewist Spotlight over at Dad Sews!  Dad Sews is the story of one dad, learning to sew one stitch at a time, right before our eyes, haha!  You can watch him learn to sew, play along with some crazy sewing hacks, and participate in awesome giveaways all at And now you can watch me too, talk like a total dork, and show off some of my favorite recent sews.  Watch the video here and then  pop on over to Christian's site to see all the latest happenings!