Dane's Debut: Peek-A-Boo Patterns Doodlebug Romper

Baby Dane joined the wide open world less than three weeks ago and this past week he joined his mom's business by modeling a new pattern!  Put those kids to work, I say ;)

Introducing the Doodlebug Romper from Peek-a-Boo Patterns! 


Did he knock it out of the park, or what?! He's a natural! Made for the camera (or so says his momma!).  You're running out to buy the pattern right now because of how cute he is, right?!


You can see the lap tee aspect of the pattern here. This camo version I made is actually one of those rompers you pull up from the feet on up, through the neck hole.  It's actually not hard to do with the lap tee, but I know some people don't like this style at all.  Well, for you, there is a snap placket option as well (shown in my second version in blue below).


Gah, that look just melts my heart. He was 12 days old in these photos, but he looks so old to me, with his eyes wide open and looking all alert!

Oh, but I'm supposed to be talking about the pattern? Well, It's hard when I'm so distracted by how cute my baby is, ha!  

Honestly, I only signed up to test because babies grow so stinkin' fast, and I knew this would basically be my only opportunity to test a newborn size pattern.  And I was right.  Babies do grow stinkin' fast.  Like I said, he was 12 days old in the camo romper, and he's wearing a newborn size  . . . well three days later, and here he is, wearing these blue stars in size 3 months! Two week growth spurt! 


You can see the yellow star snaps along the crotch-- I used the snap placket option for this one.  Of course, this pattern also has shorts and short sleeves as options as well.  There's also a kangaroo pocket option that I didn't try out.  


Yawn! Modeling is hard work!


I used cotton lycra for this one and KAM snaps (my favorite!), but my first one was from double brushed poly, and it's extra snuggly.  


I also made one more this week, and sized up to a size 9 months, since it's supposed to be his 4th of July outfit.  Hopefully it fits come July! I received this crazy fun, crazy ridiculous cats-celebrating-Independence-Day fabric as a strike off from Vintage Lace and I'm absolutely crazy about it. 


I added a little (faux) pocket for a little something extra.  Are these cats funny or what?! I made myself a shirt as well (just you wait!) and had enough left over to have the little man match me. 


It's just so ridiculous and I love it, haha! Make sure you check out the rest of Vintage Lace's 4th of July fabrics! I still have to pick out something for my big kids, now that both Dane and I are already set. And don't forget to snap up the Doodlebug Romper here.  

Thanks for letting me show off my newest model! More 4th of July outfits are ready to be shared in the next few days, so make sure you check back. I used some international patterns for my strikes this past week, and I'm excited to share them with you!