Day Break :: G&G Pattern Release

Introducing the Daybreak Rash Guard from George and Ginger Pattern Co! 

I just know this is going to be a hit this summer! This rash guard pattern is totally on point, with a boat neck, cross over front, and tons of make-it-your-own options.  And if swimwear isn't your thing, just size up one to two sizes and use your favorite knit fabric instead! 

When Kristi decided to run a rash guard pattern instead of a swim suit pattern, I was completely on board. Rash guards are something I can get behind.  I know there are some doubters out there, so if you aren't quite sure why you'd want to go a rash guard route instead of a just a swim suit, these are my main reasons: 

  • Sun protection! Use a fabric that has UV protection and know you're a step safer from the sun.  I'm not one to lay out and tan. I'm the one with the cute beach umbrella, fussing to make sure I'm staying covered. I love the beach, but am all about skin protection.  Plus, no funky tan lines ;) 
  • So much easier to wear if you're doing something active! I love my bikini for a 10 pm jaunt to the hotel hot tub. But in real life, I'm chasing toddlers, running through the sprinkler, paddling a canoe, and hanging out with my extended in-laws at the cabin. I'm so much more comfortable if I have a little extra coverage and I'm not constantly adjusting straps. Not to mention: 
  • Nothing's going to fall out, in any of the aforementioned activities ;) 
  • Majorly cute. See exhibit A: 

Ahhh, I just love it. This is the crop version with 3/4 sleeves. Can't you see me on a stand up paddle board in this thing?! (Cough, birthday present, Mike, cough)

This swim is from Peek-a-Boo Fabric shop. It's rated UV +50 and is a great weight. I lined the front and the back and did the basic neckband option. Have I mentioned how much I love stripes with floral? This is fabric I hoarded from last year, but she actually ran it again this year, so you can still get your hands on some. 

The sleeve options make it feel more like a true rash guard, but if you want something that feels more like a swim suit or tankini, the sleeveless is where it's at. And this pattern has SO many options to make the perfect suit that you're comfortable in.  Wear what you feel comfortable in and be confident, ladies!

  • Three lengths (crop, mid, and long)
  • Five sleeve lengths (sleeveless, short, elbow, 3/4 and long)
  • Two neckband options (traditional and overlapped)

This sleeveless version in midlength has more of a tankini feel to it. I used the overlapping neckband for this one. 

 I have to brag on Love Adore Knit Fabrics on this one, because they carry both this palm tree swim knit as well as the purple Aztec swim knit that I used for the bands. They go great together!

I really want to try rouching the sides just for something fun. 

Now, I've already been asked what to wear under a rash guard. To that, I would ask what your purpose is in wearing it.  I'm going to be honest-- 90% of the time I am in a swim suit,  I have no intention of swimming, or even becoming completely wet.  I'm just hanging out at the beach or my yard while my kids swim, and I might get splashed and a little wet, but nothing major.  Sometimes, I'm in the canoe, kayak, or pontoon boat.  For all of those instances, I'll likely be wearing a sports bra or a regular bra underneath.  If I'm actually planning on getting wet, I'll wear my bikini top underneath.  Maybe you might be doing something less Wisconsin-ish and are snorkeling or trying out surfing-- wearing a rash guard over your suit is great for the reasons I already mentioned, but also it's original purpose was to prevent rash from contact with your board, and keep sand from getting trapped in your suit and causing a rash as well. 

Want to guess the temperature at the beach the day I was out there taking pictures? 

THIRTY-SIX DEGREES, my friends. With a wind off Lake Superior that chills you to the bone. It took me an hour to warm back up, haha. 

#passion #dowhatyougotado #crazyfool

Now, like I mentioned earlier, this pattern is a double whammy. Because you can also use it with your favorite knit fabric! I sized up one (wish I would have done two, because this custom print knit is so thick) and did this long length, long sleeve version. 

Taking these pictures convinced me that I should do more morning photos. This was at 7:30 in the morning and I love the sunny glow (even if I was still in yesterday's makeup, haha!). 

This awesome lace cotton Lycra is from Vintage Lace. I always thought I'd make more of a sweatshirt style out of it, but this turned out perfectly. 

I'm so excited to rock out in my rash guards this summer. We spend a lot of time at the beach, between Lake Superior, the small community beaches, and our lake cabin.  There will be a swim sew-a-long at George and Ginger next week, that will include an open back hack for this pattern! I fully intend on participating.  A suit for every day of the week ;) 

Final Recap:
Get the Daybreak Here
Fabric from: Peek-a-Boo, Love Adore, Vintage Lace