The Perfect Fall Outfit: G&G Effortless Cowl Poncho

This is just a quick post to show off my new Effortless Cowl Poncho from George and Ginger.  It made for the perfect fall outfit this weekend!  Just add boots ;) 


The pattern is absolutely free, if you're a member of the George and Ginger Pattern Co facebook group.  Just join the group, then head over the "Files" section, where you'll find a host of free patterns, including this one.  


And it really is effortless.  With just 2 to 2.3 yards and thirty minutes, you'll be out the door!  Hemming was the most time-consuming step (of course).  And while I used my serger, this is definitely a pattern I would have no hesitation just using my sewing machine-- so if you aren't totally hooked up yet in terms of apparel sewing, this is still an easily achievable look.  

I'm crazy about this sweater knit I found at Jo-Ann.  They had quite a few colorways, and it's thick and heavy!  It would make such a nice cardigan as well.  I'm seriously contemplating goingback for more colors.  


My pup, Heidi, had to come and join in on the pictures.  I love her.  


I mean, seriously, how sweet is she?!?! Insert all the puppy pictures here.  Because if I can't sell you on the poncho, I bet I can sell you on the collie.  


Ponchos always make me think of my senior year of high school.  They had a HUGE display of them at our small local Younkers, covering a whole wall, floor to ceiling.  My friends made fun of them, but I had a black, off the shoulder one, with fringe that I secretly loved.  I brought mine to France with me that fall, and I remember taking a walk in the small town I was staying in . . . a random guy yelled at me from across the street, "This isn't Paris!"  For whatever that's worth. Ha! 

So, head over to George and Ginger, grab that free poncho pattern, and maybe you'll have a random Frenchman yelling at you soon too! <3 

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