George and Ginger Gets Posh

It's the end of George and Ginger's 2-year anniversary celebration, and the party is ending with 25% off the whole shop AND a brand new pattern release!  Shop now at and use code "YEARTWO" for 25% off everything, including the new pattern, the Posh Top.  I'm crazy about this new pattern! 


The Posh Top features a slim silhouette, with some flippin' awesome gathered sleeves.  Seriously, these sleeves are awesome.  


You can see there's color blocking at the shoulders, with trim pieces and optional buttons.  Go for the buttons, I say.  It really brings it to the next level!


The pattern works best in a knit with good structure and recovery-- my first one here used Liverpool, which turned out great.  My second version is this killer plaid ponte, which was beyond perfect-- the sleeves look even more amazing in this more structured fabric. I actually made a pre-first version as well, from a thermal fabric, which is now in the garbage,. ha! Just use the fabric the pattern calls for-- cotton Lycra, ponte, or Liverpool.  The lighter-drapier fabrics just don't have the same effect. 

Now, on the super-off chance that you subscribe to the BeeBox at Vinegar and Honey Co, and you haven't received your November box yet, you might not want to keep scrolling, because this is a major spoiler. 

Just saying.  

Scroll at your own risk.  

Because here it is: 


As soon as I opened this month's BeeBox, I knew it would be perfect for the Posh Top (which was perfect timing because I needed a second one sewn up stat, and I had no fabric picked out, haha).  This particular ponte is even more structured than most ponte I've used.  But like I said, it makes these sleeves divine, in my opinion.  


Check out the high trim side with the buttons and high neck.  Love.  

Some of the other testers used multiple fabrics, particularly for the color blocked shoulder pieces, so make sure you check them out-- it's a totally different and fun look! 


Since this was a tight-fitting pattern (especially with these heavier fabrics), I knew I'd want to mod it for my baby bump.  I used my normal lengthen-the-front-and-rouche-it method that I explain here. For these particular shirts, I only added 4 inches of length, rouched across my midsection.  


I feel super trendy in this top, and I can't wait to make some non-maternity versions! My husband immediately thought this plaid one looked perfect for Christmas time :) 

Make sure you hit up the George and Ginger Anniversary sale while you still can-- the clock is ticking!  Soooo many amazing patterns to choose from <3