Gloria:: New Release from 5 out of 4 Patterns

I'm definitely still in the adjustment period on this whole three kids thing. Know how I know? Because this pattern has a boatload of options, and I only made one during testing.   Dane is staying awake more and more and the other two have a bad case of cabin fever.  I'm dreaming of melting snow and sending those two outside for hours on end.  But for now, only one Gloria was made.  

Gloria 5oo4.jpg

How about that split sleeve, huh? It's definitely my favorite option!  I love it in the short sleeve, but I went for 3/4 here.  The pattern does also include regular sleeves and cut lines for a tank if split sleeves aren't your thing ;) 

5oo4 Gloria Size M5.jpg

I made the high/low, but there's also a skater skirt option.  Both come in peplum, short dress and long dress lengths.  See what I mean?  So many options!

5oo4 Gloria Size M8.jpg

My advice on this split sleeve though, is to make sure you have not just matching thread for the top, but for the bobbin as well.  I definitely made that mistake, and the white thread was super noticeable with how open the sleeve is. 

5oo4 Gloria Size M3.jpg

This textured knit is super fun-- I found it at Jo-Ann's! They also had white and navy (which I bought too!).  I honestly woke up one Saturday and was like, "I have to go to Jo-Ann's and get that fabric.  I will not rest until that fabric is in my hands."  Woman on a mission.  

5oo4 Gloria Size M6.jpg

Okay, so I'm going back to my daily chaos of trying to manage these three wild cats.  You go buy this pattern! It's on sale through Sunday, and then 5 out of 4 is going to start their 20k member celebration on Monday, so make sure to join their Facebook group!

Have a great Easter weekend! 


Gloria PDF sewing Pattern from 5oo4, 5 out of 4.png