Sew What's in Your Hospital Bag?!

With my first two pregnancies, I packed my hospital  bag waaay too late in the game. It was a quick rush of randomly throwing things into a bag while I worked my way to the door, contractions increasing, and with little focus on what I actually needed.  Seriously, when we went in to the hospital for my first son, I just kept asking if we had the library books along, because they were due the next day.  I wouldn't stop focusing on those stinkin' library books and making sure they were packed!

This time around, I've been collecting my items for weeks, and actually have a bag ready to go now.  You'd think I was preparing for vacation, the way I've been sewing and planning for this--what?--24 to 48 hours in the hospital?!  

So, I thought I'd share the items I sewed specifically with labor and post-delivery in mind! And of course, I had to include the  outfits I'm packing for the little guy., because they're too cute not to share!

For Me

For during delivery, I sewed up this gorgeous Brazi (from Stitch Upon a Time).  I did the crossover option for easy nursing right afterwards.  I see asks all the time for good labor and delivery gowns, but I'm planning on spending as much time in the jet tub as possible, so this was all I really wanted for delivery.  This fabric is cotton lycra from Smoogie Fabric and Design. 


With my first two boys, I settled in and wore my pajamas all day after they were born.  It was great.  Now even more, I'm looking forward to relaxing in bed all day with my newborn, while my in-laws manage the chaos that is my toddler and preschooler, haha.  Comfy pajamas are an absolute must, so I chose brushed poly and the Movie Night Pajamas pattern from Sew a Little Seam.   


The snaps will be great for nursing, and this fabric is ultra snuggly!


If the Movie Night Pajamas fail me, I also packed this Brazi top and Halla Sleep Shorts set.  They're made from an ultra-fantastic brushed poly from Vintage Lace.  I feel so stinkin' cute in this set.  


My final hospital make that I was dead set on accomplishing before baby arrived was this robe from Greenstyle.  It'll be perfect to wear over the Brazi set! I've wanted to make the Sybil Robe since it was released and this was the best excuse.  


Again, I had to choose brushed poly, haha.  This is the mid-length robe, in style B.  I love the princess seams! I'm sure I'll be wearing this a TON in the weeks after the baby is born.


Finally, I'm going to be heading home in this new RuLo sweater from George + Ginger, along with some comfy leggings!  The pattern released just this week, so you can see all of my testers here.  It's a great loose-fitting dolman, and I think it'll be super easy to wear post-partum (read: comfy and forgiving).  I'm a total George + Ginger girl, so I had to choose something G+G to go home in!



For the Baby

Okay, bear with me, guys. Because even though he'll probably only end up wearing one of these outfits, I'm packing quite a few momma-made goods for the new arrival.  I can't help it-- they're so little and cute. 

Side note: Does everyone else just keep their baby swaddled  in a diaper and hospital onesie until they get dressed to go home?  Because that's the way I did  it my first times around. . . maybe this little guy will have to have an outfit change or two instead!

A top contender for the going-home outfit is this set from Patterns for Pirates! It's brand new and free as part of their 75 thousand member celebration! 


The Wee Lap Tee, Petite Pegs, Teeny Beanie, and Baby's Burpie are the perfect set to pack or to gift, so make sure you take advantage of these new freebies!  


I also made these sweet little sleepers in newborn sizes.  This is the Muse from Stitch Upon a Time.  I love not having feet on them because I am crazy about babies in moccasins.  Baby will be living in those little gray moccs for as long as possible!


Finally, I love this Panda hoodie too much not to pack it as well . . . it was one of the new True North mock-ups I made during testing (see more on that pattern here).  This pattern is fantastic, and I just I love babies in monochrome outfits! 


While I almost exclusively sew apparel, two more quick sews will be along for the ride-- a muslin swaddle blanket, and this fleece/minky carseat blanket.  This is my first winter baby, and I feel so bad for him already, with all the fierce Lake Superior wind that will be whipping around his first few months of life. He's going to have to be one tough cookie!


Thanks for appeasing me while I showed off my ridiculous amount of hospital goods! The count down is on! I'll be sure to post some baby spam of whatever outfit the little guy actually comes home in.  Wish me luck-- this is the last post I had planned until baby arrives! <3 

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