The Jawbreaker Dress :: G&G Pattern Release

There's a lot of excitement about this little number!  

A lot of custom fabric groups use this mock up to show their fabric designs:

And then everyone and their mother would ask, "Where can I get that pattern, where can I get that pattern?"

And everyone else would say, "It doesn't exist. It's just a mock up." 

Now repeat that exchange about 1,000 times.

Eventually, someone HAD to make the mock up dress . . .  and that someone is Kristi, from George and Ginger Pattern Co.   I know this dress was a labor of love-- I can't even tell you how many times she tested it to get the pleats just right! But, the effort was well worth it. 

Introducing: The Jawbreaker Dress. 

For my first test, I used this cotton Lycra from Smoogie Fabric and Design. It was from their literary round that they ran last year. This one is from the book Heidi. The pictures on the dress are actual illustrations from the book! Cool, huh?  

I only had one yard, so I lined with a coordinating solid, but I was able to get the rest of this sleeveless peplum out if the one yard. 

My dog is actually named Heidi, which I why I couldn't resist the fabric, HA! 

The boat neck and the pleats at the neck are definitely the defining to touch to this sweet dress. 

Since I'm obsessed with Peplums, my second version also used the flounce skirt. This one is one of my all-time favorite fabrics from RP Custom Fabrics.  I was bummed to cut in to it because I love it so much, but RP will actually be re-running it soon, along with two other colorways! So, I'll buy more and hoard it again. 

Oh, sigh. This fabric. This pattern. Perfect combination! 

The pattern comes with pattern pieces for a fitted skirt and then circle skirts in three lengths (flounce, mini, and knee length). But it also comes with a cut chart for a gathered skirt version! Bonus!

So for this one, I did a gathered skirt, and added a little sash.  This fabric is also from Smoogie.  Because Smoogie = LOVE. Hopefully, it will be nice enough outside that I'll wear this one to Easter on Sunday! 

It's worth noting that I LOVE the fit on this dress. I plan on skipping the pleat outer, and just using two liners to make a "plain" version. I mean, the fit is seriously on point. 

Annnnnd, while we're on the topic of George and Ginger, let's give a shout out to another pattern they released this week: The Thankful Top. This shirt is free and in the files in their Facebook group! It's Kristi's way of thanking us for all the votes in the Etsy Difference Makes Us contest. It features a deep V back, a boat neck front, and a high/low hem version that I'm crazy about. And did I mention it's totally free?! Join the Facebook group for access to it! 

What a week for G&G! And I love being a part of it! 

Fabrics: Smoogie, RP Custom Fabrics, and Walmart (HA!)
Pattern: The Jawbreaker Dress, The Thankful Top (join the Facebook group to access)