Sometimes I Sew for my Kids . . .

Lately, pretty much every time I'm sewing, I hear, "This shirt for me? Mama make me this shirt? Mama make this for me?" The majority of the time the answer is no . . . which leads to the incessant toddler conversation revolving around the word 'why?'.  But even a cold-hearted selfish sewists like myself will occasionally throw a fat half to the kids.  Some of the strike off groups I'm in have been putting out some super cute prints that I thought would be perfect for my boys, so I've been signing up to do a a little more kid sewing. 

I've been especially sewing for little man G lately.  To be honest, it's because he cooperates so much more when it's time to take pictures! Ro will catch up soon though ;) 

This is the Reid from Elliedactyl Patterns.  There are a TON of color blocking options (this shirt is actually on the simpler side).  

I love the color blocking on the hood! It's a nice touch. 

Did you figure out what those Tsum Tsums are?! Harry Potter!!  This round is postponed, but the fabric is from KNITorious.  I also got some for Ro, which I used to try out the new coveralls romper from Peek-a-Boo

Most of his photos are of him running away from me . . .

Or riding on the swing saying, "wheeee" in his cute little froggy voice.  

He's having fun though!

I also tried the Reid with this sweet cassette print from Snowy Owl.  I stuck to the exact same color blocking as my first Reid . . . because those were the pieces that I had cut out.  Lazy.  Ha! 


I didn't think the instructions were very beginner-friendly, but I do love the final product.  This is only my second time sewing something from Elliedactyl, so I'm not very up on them.  You need to check out the color blocking on the long sleeved version-- it's great! I don't usually mix and match too much with prints, so this pattern is a little out of my comfort zone! 

I did sew up a matching shirt, and Grant and I had a little too much fun doing pictures together . . .

One last look for you . . . this alpha print is running in ELEVEN different colorways at The Fabric Cottage.  Plus, there's also a numbers version!  

Is he cute, or what? And the shirt too, of course.  Because that's what we're here to talk about. Ha!

The raglan is the Mega Max from Max and Meena.  The slouchy beanie is from Duck Butt Designs.  Because when you have a little extra fabric, obviously you need a matching beanie! I mean, it was either that or underwear. 

The gray and black outfit was perfect for taking pictures at this mural.  It's on the side of the candy shop, and it's HUGE! This is only half of it.  Such a cool spot! 

Grant has so much fun with these . . .  it almost makes me want to sew a little more for them ;) 

For the record, it does pretty much make my heart melt when he says so happily, "Mama made me this!"