Knot it up! Sewing Mod

I woke up today and knew I just had to sew up this piece of brushed poly. I got it in a mystery box from Love Adore Knit Fabrics months ago and I've been hoarding it for something special. Well today was the day! 

For some reason, this fabric has always been screaming to me to become a knotted tee. Some fabrics speak very loudly to me. 

Not having a pattern for a knotted tee wasn't going to keep me down. 

Now, really, you can adapt this concept to any t-shirt pattern that you like. I used the Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions. It's a free pattern if you're in their Facebook group, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already.  I think there are perhaps better patterns to use for this mod, but it's all up to whatever type of shirt you're most comfortable in. Because the LDT is designed to be flowy, I had to take it in at the sides (about 1 inch off of each side) in order for the knot part to fit nicely. Since this was my first time doing this, I also know now that I would have preferred to take a little length off (the LDT is more tunic length than normal shirt length, in my opinion).  Just preference! I did long consider the Sweet Tee from Patterns for Pirates for this mod as well. But, whatever your favorite tee is, give it a whirl! 

First I cut the back like normal.  When it came time to cut the front, I cut the bottom like this: 

Check out my awesome coffee mug pattern weight! I like to sew dangerously.

Make sure you make these triangles big enough for tying! I basically eyeballed it. But I could have gone even bigger. You do cut the center fold up to the point where the basic shirt pattern begins. 

Now, I toyed with the idea of not facing these ties.  But, the wrong side of this fabric is white. And I knew I would end up HATING the ties, if the wrong side of the fabric was showing.  If you use a fabric where the wrong side looks pretty, absolutely consider skipping the facing! 

Obviously, in the end I decided to face the ties. So, I cut out triangles the same size as the triangle dimensions that I added to the shirt front, however I added a 1/2 inch to the side that will be along the top of the ties (the side that will be at the normal hemline for the shirt-- see the next picture!). 

Right sides together, sew your triangle tie pieces. 

Turn the ties right side out. 

Assemble the rest of the shirt as normal. You can hem the back and the front separately to make hemming those front ties just a little bit easier, or you can assemble the whole shirt and then hem in the round. 

You'll have that extra half inch at the top.  When it's time to hem, I folded that under And hemmed the whole shirt like normal. When you knot it, the hem kind of gets folded in any way, so I don't find this line of stitching to stand out in a weird way. 

Here's what it looks like inside out, when you're all done: 


And here's what it looks like unknotted! 

I had fun tying it a lot of different ways . . .

I even tried it knoted up more like a crop! This summer, I'm planning on going out of my comfort zone and rocking a crop top as best I can! 

I accidentally cut the back on the line for the front neckline, so it scoops more in the back than in was intended to. But I like it. A happy accident indeed! 

Over all, a success!  What do you think? What pattern will you try this out on??