Fashion Week Take Two: Los Angeles

Earlier this month I went to Los Angeles to walk in Fashion Week (for a second time!) for my friend and favorite designer, Kristi Fitzpatrick of George + Ginger. If you missed my first post about walking in New York Fashion Week, check it out!

Talk about a whirlwind. New York was a great trip, but my weekend in Los Angeles was fast, sleepy, and absolutely crazy wonderful. I woke up at 1:30 am, drove to the shuttle in Duluth, shuttled on down to the airport in Minneapolis, flew out to LA, Lyft-ed to downtown, checked into my AirBnB, walked to the Grand Sheraton, and checked into the Society Fashion Week at 2:30. Did the whole getting ready, walk in a fashion show thing, and then crashed into my bed at the AirBnB at 11:30 PST, aka, 1:30 AM CST— as in, I managed to stay awake for a whole 24 hours. Which is no small feat once you’re 30 and the mother of three.

What a CRAZY 24 hours.


I don’t know if it was my sleepy, just-getting-by state, or the fact that this was my second rodeo, but I was so much more relaxed and had so much more fun at the show!


It was so fun getting to see some people for a second time, as well as meet new sewing people that I’ve known forever (cough, Rachelle from 5 out of Patterns, cough!).

Everyone popped right down and got to work helping out with make-up.


Kristi’s collection for this show was totally on point. Absolutely blew it out of the water.

She used black and white fabric from a variety of custom fabric hosts, a lot of whom I’ve sewed sample fabrics for before. This fabric I’m wearing is from Fabric Anthropology.


And then, she laced me up in the welded corset. What?!


I love how the metal was incorporated into all the pieces. Hair, make-up, and then that whole hurry-up-and-wait thing. Haha!

It was a BIG show with 10 or 12 designers showing. My absolutely favorite designer at the show (besides G+G, of course!), was jus10h. Seriously, please go check him out. Not only was his collection amazing, but he was so stinkin’ nice when I was fan-girling all over his collection while we were waiting in line for the runway.


I was so tired, and not at all nervous this time. It was a bummer because I feel like I could have done better, but I got thrown off because of how fast we were being sent out on the runway . . . but in true theatre style, you just go with it. Don’t tell Mike, but I should probably just do one more show so I can absolutely nail it. Third time is a charm, right?

lafw 2.jpg

I’ll tell you, I shouldn’t be allowed to go last though. Stick me in the middle where I have to conform a little more. Because in truth, I ad libbed a little too much in the finale, haha. It was the theatre girl in me, I couldn’t help myself. The pictures make me look cool and collected, but I promise the video shows what an absolute dork I am, ha!


This collection was absolutely amazing, and these photos don’t do it justice- the details of the metal were awesome. There’s a floral metal crown, and some welded handbags in there too!

lafw 5.jpg

After that crazy, crazy day, I had a full day in LA all by myself to do whatever I wanted. So obviously, first I slept in. Ha! Then I headed to Pasadena to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I may or may not have teared up a little when I was walking in, I was just so happy. Legit flea markets are what my dreams are made of.

I was staying in downtown LA, so it was cool to take the drive up to Pasadena and check out more of the city besides just DTLA.


I bought five dresses at the flea, including three from Carly here, who is an absolute gem (she has Twiggy eyes, my friends). She had such a great collection of vintage dresses, including a whole slew that were from the set of the Astronaut’s Wives Club. (My dress is from Apple Thief Vintage, one of my favorite vintage shops on Etsy.)


I spent FOUR hours at that flea market. It is GIGANTIC. Afterwards, I went to the famed Santee Alley and the Fashion District. Santee is a whole lot of cheap fashion jammed into an alley. Definitely a cool walk around, but not quite what I was expecting.


I couldn’t leave the fashion district without some fabric, so I stopped into Michael Levine. It is a great store (they also sell on-line). I went into the main retail store, but right across the street, thy have a Home Decor store, as well as the Loft, where you can buy fabric remnants by the pound.

The main store had a fantastic selection of designer remnants that were $5 a yard, and I picked out five cuts of fabric. Shout out to Lupe, who provided me with WONDERFUL customer service. It was a delight to talk to her and she was so helpful. Probably like fabric stores used to be ;)


Here’s the part of the story where I lugged my flea market finds, 15 yards of fabric, and 12 spools of serger thread the 3/4 of a mile back to my AirBnB. It was heavy. It was a struggle. People looked at me.

After dropping the goods off, I headed to The Broad, a contemporary art museum. I LOVE sculptures, and I especially loved their collection of Andy Warhols. Here are some of my favorites.

If you’ve never traveled by yourself, I highly recommend it. It was a lot of fun to just do things on my own, at my own pace, whatever I wanted. I dare say, it was relaxing, haha. And I LOVED Los Angeles. To be honest, I was initially really only excited about my NY trip, and was feeling pretty ‘meh’ about LA. But I really enjoyed LA, the people, the slower pace than NYC, just the total vibe. And it was even cloudy and uncommonly cool the whole time I was there, so it wasn’t even like the sunshine and warmer temps swayed me, haha.

Overall, I left feeling just stupid, crazy blessed. To have the opportunity for some time away from real life, to get to be a part of something so cool and creative as fashion week, and to have a family that supports all that.

I also left wearing this ridiculously amazing vintage set. Ha! <3

xo- Molly

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