Mama Catherine: M4M Pattern Release

Made for Mermaids is unveiling a new look, new logo, and a new pattern today!  Introducing Mama Catherine:  


When Team Mermaid was looking for people to test the new Mama Catherine pattern, I jumped at the chance.  Because looking at the mock-ups, I knew the flowy design would be perfect for both my six-month baby bump AND to wear after this baby makes his appearance.  That seems to be the theme with my sewing lately-- what can I get away with wearing NOW and post-baby, without any modifications.  Because while maternity clothes are fun, when I'm putting in the time and fabric, I still want to be able to use the pieces in a few months.  I'm not going to lie, I'm excited to have my non-pregnant body back, especially for sewing, haha.  


There are two yoke options (I went with the scoop, but there's also a square).  Here you can see the yoke, and the front gathering . . .


And the back of the yoke, along with the back gathering on the skirt . . .


I haven't even gotten the chance to try out my favorite option of this pattern yet-- the sweet flounce sleeves!  Check out the Made for Mermaids roundup with all the options and hacks and this line-drawing to give you an idea of all the combinations you could make. 

mama catherine tutorial-6.jpg

Of course, I had to use brushed poly for mine (this time from Sincerely Rylee).  Rayon spandex, or other light-weight stretch fabrics all work well.  You want that sweet flowy, look.  


It's crazy to me, when I look at these pictures, how I took these just two weeks ago-- it's snowed a TON since then.  Like seriously.  It's snowed about seven times already this year!! It's my least favorite time of the year for taking pictures of my sewing.  You might be seeing a lot more indoor pics soon.  Because both I and my camera are wimps when it comes to the cold, haha.  

Get your copy of Mama Catherine here, or check out the bundle with the girls' version!  

Happy sewing! <3 

PDF Sewing Pattern, Made for Mermaids, Mama Catherine.png