Mama Sommer :: M4M Pattern Release

True to it's name, Mama Sommer is perfect for all your summer sewing! This new release from the girls at Made for Mermaids hits the site today, along with the girls' and baby versions. 

This is the first one I made during testing. It's a dress length, natural waist bodice with style B straps. 

Can I tell you the truth? I hate this one that I made. It's not the pattern, but the fabric. I went and bought all the pretty rayon spandexes from Jo-Ann's the other day. They were so lovely and soft. Then I brought them home, cut them up, and remembered how much I HATE most rayon spandex. This RS was thin enough that this bodice should have really been lined, to be honest. 

But, hey, such is the life of a seamstress.  We can't make perfect fabric choices every time.  

In comparison, here's an empire waist maxi, from an ITY from Sincerely Rylee. I got this ITY on super sale for just $4 a yard. It's soo slinky and flowy-- I just love it.

And. . . confession: I decided this is a nightgown now.  I've been wanting to make a nightgown for a while and this ITY made this version so stinkin' comfy that I couldn't resist. I feel like a goddess in it (probably Demeter or Gaia), so don't mind me if I ethereally float about my house in my dress-turned-nightgown. Everyone needs some bedclothes that make you feel that way! 

You're going to make friends with your iron on this one. But, it's only two straps to press into binding-- really not that bad at all! It does come together quickly, I promise ;) 

And again, I went with option B for the straps . . . actually, all three of the ones I sewed up were strap B.

Hey, I know what I like!

The tutorial includes instructions for side vents for the maxi. Specifically, if you decide to use a woven fabric for your skirt. This is knit, but I wanted a side vent anyway-- gotta show off those legs! 

For my final version, I signed up for a hack! The M4M girls are so good about posting hacks right along with the release of their patterns (see their blog post here, and check out that shelf bra option!). 

An easy hack is to turn the bodice into a sports bra (empire option) or crop (natural waist option).  All the cool kids wear crops, and I DID say I wanted to try one out this summer, so I signed myself up!

So, here I am, baring my midriff in this jegging crop version! One of the things I love about this hobby of mine is how much more comfortable I've become in my own body. 

Both the jegging and the floral brushed poly are from Love Adore Knit Fabrics

Of course, I had to make a skirt to go along with my new crop. So I did a little hack to the Mama Isabel. I use the tulip maxi skirt and sewed it all together with a band, instead of the tie option.  I seriously L-O-V-E tulip skirts. 

Alright, friends, here are those links one more time! I hope you enjoy Mama Sommer!