Celebrate Like a Pirate :: Peglegs Update

Patterns for Pirates is celebrating FIFTY THOUSAND members in their Facebook group! That's crazy! FIFTY THOUSAND people using the great interweb to sew together, lament downfalls, celebrate triumphs, and show off their beautiful creations. I've been so lucky to get to test patterns for P4P for almost a year now, and I was even luckier to get to be part of the 50K action by testing out the NEW Peglegs pattern.  

Peglegs are the hallmark pattern of P4P.  They've always been free and the seem to be a common entry point for beginning sewists (and even experienced sewists who are new to PDF patterns).  They were, in fact, the first PDF pattern I ever used! And the fact that a popular MLM pattern is helping to carry the leggings craze certainly doesn't hurt their appeal. 

In honor of this post, I tried counting up the number of Peglegs I own . . . I had to stop at fifteen pairs.  I almost exclusively wear Peglegs, to be honest. (#leggingsarepants) 

The new update brings so much more fun to the original pattern-- a new contoured waistband, gusset option, pockets, color blocking and side panel options . . . your list of possibilities just got a whole lot longer.   PLUS, the overall pattern got revamped, I love the new rise.  Oh, and don't forget about the pregnant mommas; there's a few maternity options too! I tried out the over the belly pattern for my SIL and they were her favorite pants these past few pregnant months! 

Get your FREE pattern here
The add-ons here
The maternity option here 

IWithout further ado, here is my newest, and favorite pair! 

Cha-ching! Check out that color-blocking! Gah, I just love it. The black is a super thick athletic poly spandex from Love Adore. And the see-thru mesh is from Jo-Ann's, with their athletic fabric. 

I did the contoured waistband, which uses the low rise legs, but finishes the leggings at a high rise. It's perfect for workout leggings and oh-so-comfortable. I also added the gusset option, which is a great call for workout leggings as well. 

Check out that ease of motion! You can't get that with jeans, my friends (like I said, #leggingsarepants, haha!). 

Shout out to Thread and Grain for my awesome digital cutfile for my shirt! It's so fetch. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try out the new and improved Peglegs (you know you want to!).