G&G Release: The Rebel Choker Tee

The new Rebel Choker Tee from George and Ginger was exactly what I needed in my life right now. I was feeling a little down and out, but this was the perfect pick-me-up in late August, when we were testing the pattern.  I've actually had a choker top on my mind since late November, when we were at a wedding and unsuspecting wedding guest was subjected to my usual litany: "Hi, I'm sorry, but I sew and I really like your dress.  Can I take a picture of it?" So far no one has turned me down, HA! 


And the Rebel pattern delivers!  It's designed to be loose-fitting (looser than how mine fits, actually . . . but I've got an 18 week old baby in my belly, and I made my normal size so it'll fit post-partum).   The choker is the perfect fit-- it isn't so tight that it feels constricting, but isn't so loose that it's flapping about.     


This super sweet border print is from Sincerely Rylee.  I thought for sure it was destined to be a skirt, but then this pattern happened, and I couldn't resist. 


Annnnd, just when I thought I loved the Rebel . . .  Kristi added the long-sleeve version, and then I really knew what love was. 


This particular one is honestly my favorite shirt. The sleeves give the pattern a whole new dress-it-up look, the deep 'v' makes me feel just the right amount of sassy, and to top it off, it's so comfy in this brushed poly from Pretty Posh (I've been all about maroons and dark purples going into fall!).  


The sleeves are perfect, whether you choose to insert elastic for a sweet gather at the wrist, or if you simply leave the elastic out and hem the edge for a bell sleeve.  Either way, it looks divine in both the long-sleeve or the 3/4 sleeve.  


Every fabric I look at tells me it wants to become this top. If you've been collecting DBP the way I have, this is the perfect use for it! Rayon Spandex and ITY both also work great.  The pattern has a special sale price through Sunday, so make sure you pick it up.  Check out more tester pictures on the George and Ginger Facebook page