Sew Americana Blog Tour

Can you believe the 4th of July is almost here?! Mike and I were just talking today how fast June went by and wondering what the heck we managed to accomplish this month (answer: not much).  Buuut, I did manage to pull together some sweet Independence Day outfits for the boys and me, and I'm so excited to share them with you as part of the Sew Americana Blog Tour

We're a motley crew in red, white, and blue. Ha! 

So, my dress here is the Free Spirit Tank from Patterns for Pirates.  Don't tell anyone, but this was actually my first ever FST.  Gasp! I feel like everyone has been sewing all the FSTs forever, so it was almost sacrilege to be a Pirate without having sewn one.  But, I'm in the cool kids club now, and I'm pretty sure my closet will be full of them in no time because I L-O-V-E this one!

This is the stars and stripes rayon spandex from Jo-Ann's that you've probably been seeing all over.  Normally, I hate most of their rayon spandex, as it's too thin for my liking, but I'll make an exception for patriotic fabric. I think this will be a great swim cover up at the lake this summer!

So, every year for the Fourth, my husband's family has a party at the lake, where both his mom's side and his dad's side grew up cabin-ing.  All in all, family members own 4 cabins on the lake, so we spend the day doing a progressive dinner  and walk or canoe or pontoon boat to each stop, as our bellies get fuller and fuller.  Fun, right!?  But a highlight of this event is the theme.  The past two years have been "State Fair" and "Mardi Gras", but this year, the theme is "1776". 

I picked up some tanks from Walmart, loaded up Silhouette Studio and got to brainstorming t-shirt ideas for the boys around the theme "1776":

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
All men are created equal
One if by land, two if by sea
Party like it's 1776
Sons of Liberty

All good ideas, but in the end, two slogans won out.  For Grant: 

Aww, look at that smile.  Don't let it fool you, he's getting ready to throw his tea in the harbor.  

And for little man Ro, who sticks his tongue out at King George III, well he's just too cool for British rule!  

I'm so excited for the boys to wear these to the party! I was also so excited to take these pictures of them, but let me tell you, they turned out nothing like I had envisioned.  While I foresaw cute brothers holding hands, or standing with their arms around each other, they had other things in mind. Mostly, running away from me and refusing to smile. I'm telling you, graphic tees are even harder to photograph than strikes, since you need to see the whole front.

My Fourth of July wardrobe plans wouldn't be complete without a shout out to this number I made from a Vintage Lace strike off back in January or February!

They had soooo many cute panels for this round, and the woodgrain stars and stripes have been a favorite two years in a row now (I still have my shirt from last year too, which read "Hello Madame President").  This is the Bowlicious Top from George and Ginger-- one of my favorites for summer.  I'm planning on wearing this outfit to the parade! 

I paired the top with a pair of Mama Bear Jogger shorts (Patterns for Pirates).  I cheated and did an elastic waistband, but still threw in the grommets for a faux drawstring ;) 

Well, that's my line up for next week!  Check out all the other awesome makes as part of the blog tour, and make sure to add your own creations to the link up (you can even add Instagram posts).  Have a fun Fourth of July! <3