Sewing with Sugar Ink:: Leggings Mod and Zip Accent Hoodie

I'm super excited to have joined the team sewing for Sugar Ink Fabrics!  The current round is all kinds of fun and bright (including Peeps, Rainbow Brite, and Japanese-inspired prints with clashing coords). I got to sew up their cotton Lycra base, and it's just perfect! 


This is the Sweet Sakura print.  The colors of the flowers pop beautifully!  I paired it with this quilted gray knit from JoAnn.  


Is anyone surprised I made a New Horizons TAMI Revolution Hoodie? I'm not.  My husband's not.  He's having a hoodie intervention with me as we speak.  

I did the normal outer hood that comes with the pattern, and paired it with a cowl instead of the crossover hood.  I love doing a cowl instead of a hood! And I'm a total gold girl, so I've stocked up on these zips for the TAMI Revolutions.


Notice those grommets? I finally got an actual press instead of using a hammer, and let me tell you, it is ah-mazing.  Seriously, just bite the bullet and buy one!  The white stabalizer around the grommet is actually Kraft-Tex! I just started trying it out (it's similar to an international product I've seen on all the German hoodies, haha).  It's called "fabric paper" . . . it's supposed to look like leather accents, but it's actually a fabric/paper product.  I got the variety pack, and it seriously seems like cardstock, haha! But it washes well, and has more texture after you wash it.  It's weird, but I recommend it! 

For the Sakura coordinate I received, I decided to try out some new leggings.  I'm a new fan of the Ninja pants from 5 out of 4 Patterns (all my leggings will now by Ninja Pants!).  There are four different rises (including maternity!), and the ankle length is perfect on me (there's a long length for you tall ones out there).  I don't have to make any modifications to make these fit (which cannot be said of other leggings patterns that I use).  


I did however, have to do a mod anyway, haha.  I just had to do some little pop of fun, to meet how awesome this print is, so I added this keyhole cut out at the ankles! 


I was totally winging it, but my cutout piece ended up being 3" by 3.75".  (Minion bandaid is proof that I really was winging it!). 


On hindsight, you could have made the ankle just a little wider to account for the fact that you're going to be loosing some width with the keyhole.  I didn't, and it worked out fine.  But if you have wide ankles, let that be your warning!


Press the raw edge to the wrong side, and hem around the keyhole (I used my coverstitch). 


Sew the pattern up as directed. 

I made a small band about 2 inches by 90% of the ankle opening.  


Sew that on, stretching the band evenly as you attach it. 


Then use a stretch stitch and sew the seam allowance towards the band (to keep it from folding up and being visible through the keyhole). 

And voila! Perfect for looking extra cute at yoga! 


Make sure you check out all the fun prints at Sugar Ink Fabric

I'm hoping to get a few more posts up this upcoming week, but it all depends on baby!  I've been doing a TON of nesting (read: sewing) but my due date is in a week and a half, and my other two were 4-5 days early!  Hoping you'll see some sweet baby outfits on here soon (and some comfy post-partum outfits for me too!).  <3 


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