G&G Celebrates:: Free Sincerely Sawyer Pattern

George and Ginger Pattern Co is celebrating their 2-year anniversary-- and they're celebrating with a week of sales, a new release, and a brand new, FREE pattern: the Sincerely Sawyer Sweater pattern. 

Free PDF Sewing Pattern Sweater.png

The Sincerely Sawyer is drafted specially for sweater knits.  Which means it's extra cozy in my book! 


G&G teamed up with Sincerely Rylee Fabrics for this pattern-- it's the perfect match.  Darcey at Sincerely Rylee is the absolute queen of sweater knits (and she's having a gigantic sale today). This pink and gray ribbed sweater knit was actually part of my recent mystery box from Sincerely Rylee (which I totally should have taken a picture of, but I was too excited to wash and sew.  Suffice to say it was 8 yards of soft sweater-goodness).   


Seriously, how cute is this shoulder cut and tie?!  And it's a great, relaxed fit.  With the stretch in this rib knit, I didn't even size up for this prego-belly of mine.  


Not gonna lie, I had a ton of bow-tying issues.  I just cannot make the perfect bow.  But I tried. 


The pink sweater knit was my final version of the pattern, but I did make one more in a French Terry first.  This one is one size up from my normal size though, so you can see the neckline doesn't lay quite as nice since it's a little too big.  But this French terry is so soft and comfy I don't even mind, haha. 


This pattern would be super easy to make without the sleeve detail if you wanted a plain sweater (that's next on my list!), or one of the testers even moved the V cut to the back of the shirt, so the bow tie is in the back!  I'm telling you, there's always a hack you can do ;) 


Isn't this the perfect release for right before the holidays-- I can totally see wearing this to parties, family Christmas, or just to feel extra cute and cozy at home.  I said it makes me feel like a present. Which is a weird, but good thing, haha.  


So, how do you get your free copy?  Here's what you do: Join both the George and Ginger facebook group and the Sincerely Rylee facebook group.  Check the pinned posts in each group.  The promo code for the pattern is a combined code from each pinned post (put the Sincerely Rylee code first, then the G&G one, all caps, no spaces).  Head to the Sincerely Sawyer listing on the G&G website and add the pattern to your cart, using the promo code to bring the cost to nada when you checkout! Perfect! 

I'm absolutely crazy about this pattern, and I'm pretty sure Kristi must be crazy for giving it away for free.  But girl knows how to celebrate right ;) 

So head over to George and Ginger and Sincerely Rylee on facebook and grab that coupon code! And while you're at it, head over to the Sincerely Rylee store and treat yourself to some new sweater knits-- you're going to want a closet full of Sincerely Sawyer Sweaters! <3