Smoogie Landscape Prints

Let's talk about Smoogie Fabric and Design

I don't want to play favorites, but . . .

Let's just say that they were my first favorite custom fabric group. Like, I honestly CRIED when they picked me to test fabric for them because I was already so in love with the fabric they were creating. Tiffany knocks it out of the park every time. I love that she does stuff that's different. 

 I mean, check out some of these prints from the current round-- the awesome landscape boarder prints, and the fantastic oversize nature prints:

And trust me when I say they are even more fabulous in person. I got two panels of the poppy field (one in the largest size, and one in the smallest size), and one panel of the parrot feathers. You should see the parrot print close up-- the details are amazing!

(I'd like to point out here that Tiffany does not pay me to say all these nice things, haha. I'm simply paid in fabric to sew something and photograph it . . . all these gushy words are my own honest-to-goodness opinions. I'm such a fangirl.)

Now, we do have to give the girl some credit-- panels are hard. Border prints are hard. Getting the scale right and the sizing right on all of these is no small feat. 

These are designed like panels. So throw away what you know about continuous yards. 

They come in four sizes:

  • 11x19
  • 18x29
  • 22x36
  • 36x58

I received an 11X19 and a 36X58 of the poppies and an 18x29 of the parrot print. Here are my smaller two panels. 

You can see the edges are curled a bit, and then each probably shrunk a bit from their original size, though I didn't measure. All of my samples were cotton Lycra. 


Now, I mentioned that creating panels is hard . . . but I'll also say that SEWING panels is hard! You have to be a little bit pickier with the pattern you choose. Especially if you don't have any coordinating fabric. Personally, I didn't have anything in my stash that coordinated with either of these prints, so I had to pick projects that I could solely get out of the panel. 

First I tackled my most important piece-- the full yard panel. After normal shrinkage in the wash, this was a bit shorter than a full yard. I didn't want to cut up the design at all, between a bodice and a skirt, so I looked for a pattern that was more along the lines of a sheath dress. . .  and I settled on the Drama Dress from George and Ginger

This dress was a fall staple for me. Four different necklines and both a slim and full skirt option. And if you go the way of the slim skirt, it's the perfect one yard dress. 

I think I got almost as many compliments on my shoes as I did on the dress! Kudos to my sister-in-law, Laura, because they're the shoes she bought us bridesmaids for her wedding day! 

But, back to the dress.

I mean, I love it.

With fabric that gorgeous I knew I couldn't go wrong, but I was still so delighted with how it turned out. 

And I'm not going to lie, I was SO nervous cutting into the fabric!! 

And hey, I'm getting better taking photos of myself with my wireless remote too ;) 

Next, I used the smallest poppy panel to make a matching headband (see this blog post all about that project!). 

That size panel is EXACTLY the perfect size for an adult headband! 

I have a hard time wearing headbands sometimes, because #bangs, but I'm figuring it out. 

Finally, I pulled out that parrot panel. Now, If this had been more of a "me" size panel, I would have LOVED a wrap skirt out of it! I think those feathers would have been perfect for it! 

But, since not everything I sew can be for me, I decided to make my littlest dude something.

Remember, this was the 18 x 29 inch panel.

I used the FREE 5K pattern from Elliedactyl and made the size 12 months tank.  I could have even gotten the size 18 mos out of it with out any additional fabric or color blocking. 

That's a win. 

See what I mean about that amazing detail on the feathers?!?! 

Now, like I said, I made this shirt for little man Roman. Unfortunately, the dude was not having it when it came to photo time.  There is exactly one photo of him in this shirt where it doesn't look like I was toturing him. This is it: 

Obviously, it's still a blurry mess. And, sadly, no amount of editing on my part was going to change that.  

Well, I took pity on poor little Ro and took the shirt off of him. Fortunately for me and my photo deadline, there was Grant, just dying to put the shirt on and ham it up for the camera. 

And when I said, "can you be a bird?", this happened. 

Future drama kid, right here.  

Did I mention that Roman wears a RTW 18 mos and Grant is a 3T? Yeah . . . total toddler belly right there! Ha! 

Fabric: Smoogie Fabric and Design
Patterns: George and Ginger Drama Dress, Middle River Studio Headband, Elliedactyl 5K