Summer Blues

I'm going to start thinking of July as the lost month.  I swear, every year, it FLIES by.  Between the 4th of July, my birthday, hubby's camping trips, and general summery things, I blink and the month is gone, and I enter a state of panic as summer is slipping by and there's still so much I want to do.  


This summer, getting this Shasta Compact on the road has been top priority.  And time is ticking! We actually bought Miss Betty Blue here in fall of 2016 (picture above is from the day we brought her home).  At the time, I thought for sure that we would get it done and be road-worthy summer of 2017.  But then we bought a rental unit, and that took priority.  So, we (and by we, I mean Mike) only worked on it for about a month last summer before we wrapped her back up for the winter.  

But we're back at it and she is looking SO GOOD! I can't wait to share the whole renovation with you. Her inside is almost done and Mike is working on painting the outside right this very moment!


Well, with all of this vintage camper excitement, naturally, I had to start putting together some cute outfits to go along with it.  I started shopping repro and vintage sites, sewing up vintage-inspired patterns, and buying all the cute vintage shoes I could find.  I used to LOVE shopping vintage, but over the years I let it go.  I have been so excited to get back into it. 


Here are the details on this cute outfit: 

Top: Available here
Skirt: Just a basic circle skirt I made from this ponte, available from Boho Fabrics
Shoes: Vintage find
Heart-Shaped Glasses: Available here


All of this fun deserved a new section here on my blog-- Vintage Life.  Here, you're going to find all the details on our camper renovation, my vintage-inspired styles, and our Shasta events (Our first show is in August. . . I'm even participating in my first pin-up contest! Eeek!).

So, welcome to Vintage Life at Middle River Studio! 


I hope you enjoy the new section here at MRS.  This camper has been QUITE the project and I have been loving getting to work on my retro looks to go along with it.  Stay tuned for more <3