Sunday Lately: Week 122

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe, led by Katy (Wild & Wanderful) and Angelica (Gardening in High Heels).  We e-hangout every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the past week of life in our own worlds. 

This week's themes: Digging, Aiding, Experimenting, Believing, Refreshing

Digging:  I've been digging through the thesaurus all week. My friend Daisha makes custom stamped jewelry, and she does these sweet vintage keys, stamped with your *word*. Like a word of affirmation or inspiration . . . or a word to define you or encourage you. Well, she's making me one, and I cannot for the life of me pick a word! I've toyed around with "inspire" and "dare" or "daring", but I'm not really satisfied yet. Anyone else have a key word?! 
(Check out her facebook page!)

Aiding: Aiding and being aided this week in terms of child care. It's so awesome to be a part of a group of mom's that so willingly trades kids and helps each other out. Shout out to Alexandra and Daisha! <3 

Experimenting: Experimenting with using my serger for gathering- I found out how to do it earlier this week and I'm officially pro-gathering. Who knew it was so easy?!?! 

Believing: I'm believing it's time to get more sleep and resolving to make it happen.  I'm a serious kind of tired. Between waitressing nights and wanting to stay up late with Mike on the nights I am home, I'm not getting enough Zzz's and it's showing.  

Refreshing: This morning, I was getting my house refreshed for my parents to visit! They drove here and back (like 600 miles round trip!) to come have lunch and visit for a few hours. I also took a "refreshing" trip to the beach this morning to take photos of my new swimsuit. Again, it was a balmy 37 degrees for my beach pictures, haha. 

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup presented by the Blogger Tribe.

Next week's themes: Adoring, Quoting, Dreaming, Designing, Using

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