Cross Back Dress :: P4P Sunshine Dress Mod

Earlier this month . . . or last month . . . (where does the time go?!) I made this awesome cross back version of the Sunshine Dress from Patterns for Pirates from these sunflowers from Snowy Owl.  I used the halter version of the pattern and I had a lot of requests for some guidance in this little hack.  


So, when I got this flippin' awesome floral from KNITorious Fabric, I decided to give it another go, and take pictures this time so that I could properly explain myself. This fabric is all sorts of gorgeous. I couldn't stop staring at it. 

Annnnddd, pockets! BONUS! 

I finally scrounged up my real copy of the pattern so that I could make the REAL skirt that goes with the Sunshine Dress, instead of just faking it and doing a gathered skirt, like I did with the sunflowers. 

So, to make this little mod, all the pattern pieces get cut out the same, except the halter straps obviously get cut shorter because you won't be tying them behind your neck. I did mine at 2 x 13 inches.  I'm a shorty though, so you may want to start yours at 2 x 14 (or as big as you want, because it's easier to be safe and cut the excess off). 

Okay! So this is going to be super easy, it just goes in a different order of construction than the real pattern. 

Attach the straps to the pick ups, as per the directions. 

Now sew the front bodice to the front bodice lining, along the 'U' in the middle, and the armscyes. 

Turn right side out and PRESS. 

Now we're going to make a strap sandwich. 

  1. Lay your front bodice down, LINING side up. 
  2. Lay your back lining on top of that, upside down, with the wrong side of the back to the right side of front. 
  3. Cross your straps, and put them against the raw edge of the back lining. Place them any where from 2-2.5 inches from the center of the back. 
  4. Place the main back piece on top of that, so that right sides are facing. Sew along the raw edge. You should be sewing the top of the back bodice together, with the straps sandwiched in between. 
  5. Open it up and press your back bodice piece. 
  6. Looking good ;) Now we just need to sew the side seams. 

From the last picture, you're going to open up the sides, so that right sides are together, with front main against the front lining and back main is against the back lining. Sew down the side. 

Finished! Now you can sew the skirt on like normal. Check the fit at this point and make sure that the straps are where you need them to be. 

I love how it turned out! Now, if only mother nature would get with it so I could wear these (and stop taking pictures in front of this wall in my sewing room, haha!). 

Pattern: Patterns for Pirates Sunshine Dress
Fabric: Snowy Owl (sunflowers), KNITorious (light blue floral)