Strawberry Love

I can't resist showing off the projects I made with my strike off fabric from Smoogie Fabric and Design!  More often than not, the strike off fabrics I receive are a little more fun than fabrics I would usually buy for myself-- they're not the run-of-the-mill florals and plaids that I usually purchase.  But that's the fun thing about custom knit fabrics-- you can't typically find these kind of prints any where else!  

This week, I was sent this awesome fabric that was printed to look like a strawberry! I had signed up to make a baby gown with the fabric. Have you seen the mermaid baby gowns? Most baby gowns have elastic at the bottom (easy to slide up to do diaper changes, but still keep baby warm and cuddly), but the mermaid gowns knot at the bottom to make a tail. I wanted to use that concept to make a strawberry!  So I got a little creative and added a piece to the bottom of my baby gown pattern.  I used the gown from the Lullaby Line at Peek-a-Boo Patterns and then drafted an extra piece to use as my strawberry leaves. 

Here's what it looked like in the end-- adorable, right?! If only I had access to a baby small enough to model it! 

I was only expecting a fat half of this fabric, but I was surprised to get a full yard! Since I had extra, I decided to make something else out of it. I was planning a Brazi and Bunzi set, but then inspiration took hold! Remember the new Edgy Top from George and Ginger that I talked about? It was PERFECT for making a strawberry top! I used green cotton lycra for the flounce, and the strawberry fabric as my base to make my own strawberry top. I had to piece the back together, since I was basically working with a slightly over-sized fat half, but the flounce covers it well.  

I think the outcome is absolutely adorable! I'm ready for summer and my yearly trip to the strawberry patch-- or maybe a strawberry festival?! 

George and Ginger Edgy Top

George and Ginger Pattern Co is easily one of my favorite pattern groups.  I love that these are not your run-of-the-mill patterns. These are designs that stand out and get noticed . . . or, to use a phrase that my husband has used sarcastically ever since I introduced him to it: they're the perfect "pop piece".  And the new Edgy Top is no different!

Check out the three I made over the course of testing. Whenever I test a pattern, I obviously have to make at least one . . . if I have enough time, I always make two . . . but to make three?! That's how you know I really love it! 

This is the first one I made. Three-quarter sleeve option, with no flounce, from brushed poly. The Edgy top comes with four sleeve options-- sleeveless, short, 3/4 and long. And since you only need one sleeve, this is a great fabric saver! I was actually able to get both of my blue floral tops out of some bigger, awkwardly shaped scraps that I had leftover. 

I was so excited about the flounce option on this top. I think it's so fun! You can use the flounce with or without sleeves. Here, I did the sleeveless option with the flounce, in a light-weight cotton lycra.  Instead of hemming the flounce, I added a lace trim. 

I don't even want to tell you what my two boys and I went through to buy that trim. Going on President's Day with two toddlers in tow was not a good idea.  It's going to take at least a year for me to get over my embarrassment and show my face in our local Jo-Ann's.  Toddlers and Jo-Ann's. Not a good mix. 

ANY WAY! I love the addition of trim on this one. You could also use FOE in a fun color to add a pop of something bright.  Or, if you're using a fabric like brushed poly, you could easily leave the trim unhemmed. 

Finally, I made one more from this GORGEOUS strike off from Smoogie Fabric and Design. Honestly, I feel like I BEGGED the fabric host to let me sew this round-- I was desperate to get my hands on these. I LOVED all the florals she was offering, but especially the fun stripes and polka dots she designed to go with them.  For this one, I hemmed the flounce and added a strap on the bare side. I wanted to change it up a little and make it easier to wear a normal bra. I cut a strip of fabric about 2.25 inches by 12 inches (I wanted it plenty long enough), and sewed it, right side's together, down the long side. I turned it rights sides out, and then put my shirt on, while wearing a bra that I'm likely to wear with this top. I pinned the strap to the shirt exactly where it needed to be to cover my bra strap. Then I turned the shirt around and pinned it again, making sure the strap wasn't twisted. I cut off the excess and sewed the strap to the seam allowance. Voila! I think it still looks super cute, and is perhaps a little bit easier to wear if you're nervous about special bras. 

This pattern is an absolute winner! And let me tell you, it is a FAST sew! Having only one sleeve really cuts down your time, plus the top band goes on easier than a neckband, so I'd definitely call this beginner-friendly. I love fast and easy sews that have a high-impact look!  I plan on making a dress version very soon. 
Speaking of . . . if you have a little girl to sew for, G&G collaborated with Ellie & Mac on this one! G&G offers the women's version, while Ellie & Mac has a super sweet girls' version, that includes a dress option. Check it out here.
Get your G&G Edgy top here and make sure you follow along on the George and Ginger Facebook page to stay up to date on current sales and freebies!  

Pattern: Edgy Top
Fabric Sources: So Sew English (dark blue floral), Sincerely Rylee (light blue floral), and Smoogie Fabric and Design (pink floral with polka dots)