February Subscription Box Review

I'm a huge fan of subscription boxes.  I mean, what's not to love? They're such a fun way to treat yourself and try out some new products. Not to mention, I LOVE getting mail. Like seriously. I'm like a little kid when it come to getting mail.  The sense of disappointment I feel when I check the mailbox and there isn't anything "fun" in it is borderline ridiculous. Luckily, since it was Valentine's Day, and I love myself so much, I loaded up on the subscription boxes this month! 

First up is my KatyMade Box from Thread and Grain. Katy is one of my all-time favorite sewing people, and she also has an amazing shop, sweet blog, and does all sorts of ultra-crafty things-- one of which is her subscription boxes! I've ordered her KatyMade boxes a couple times now and I've never been disappointed.  Every month, she posts the theme and the boxes are $25, including shipping. She crafts some amazing-ness related to the theme (girl has some serious skills) and sends them off at the beginning of month. As a fellow maker, I love getting handmade items, which is why I love the KatyMade boxes so much. This month, the theme was I Heart You. Here's what I got: V-Day card (which yes, I did use for my husband, haha!), adorable bow, can cooler, and heart earrings.

The earrings are my absolute favorite--they're wooden and pink and super adorable. I've been wearing them a ton this month. I got to wear the bow all of once before my toddler commandeered it. He's a big Ready, Steady, Wiggle! fan and the yellow Wiggle, Emma, always wears a bow in her hair . . . there are a lot of bow-themed Wiggle songs, so Grant was pretty excited about having his own bow-tiful bow.

Next up, I ordered my first box from Siofra Soap Shop. Hannah makes awesome natural beauty products and I've recently fallen for her shop.  This was my first subscription box from her. They're super affordable at $10-12, and the size of the "samples" is awesome! I was so excited, I totally used the shower steamer before I grabbed a picture of everything in the box! Here's what else was in it:  herbal milk bath sample, luxury lip balm and a color smash bath bomb. 

The bath bomb is HUGE, everything smells AMAZING, and the luxury lip balm is seriously that: luxurious. I didn't think I could love handmade lip balm, but this one is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to order next month's mystery box from her--her products are such a treat!  

So, while my first two boxes were handmade, my final one is not . . . I finally ordered my first Birch Box. You've probably seen these advertised before.  Yo get five sample sized products for just $10. You fill out a profile, so your products fit with your personal preferences and your coloring/skin type/hair type, etc.  I honestly don't know why it took me so long to try this one out  . . .  the sample sizes are awesome and it's such a great price. Of course, their ultimate goal is to get you to buy the full-sized product at the full price (which is very unlikely that I'll ever do, haha!). Here's my first Birch Box: apres beach wave spray, dry shampoo, CC Cream, LOC lipstick, and Dr. Lipps Miracle Balm. 

I thought my favorite product was going to be the dry shampoo, because it smells amazing, but every time I've used it, it's made my scalp itch like crazy. The wave spray is super fun and also smells fantastic. Everything in the box was fun to try though, and I think these boxes are totally worth it. 

What's your subscription box addiction? I'd love to try something new! 

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