Peglegs Hack: Keyhole Bows

I'm so excited to be sharing this hack with you . . . because this will be my first official blog post! I have a lot of content created, but haven't yet felt ready to hit that big ole PUBLISH button and make this site live. After the excitement and comments over some pictures I shared on Patterns for Pirates Facebook page today, I decided it would be easiest to share my hack on here. Not to mention, it would be the perfect push I needed to start publishing my blog posts and utilizing this site the way I intended. So here we go! 

Yesterday afternoon, I got this beautiful blue mesh strike off in the mail from RP Custom Fabrics. For those of you who don't purchase custom print fabrics, strike-offs are the small amounts of yardage that custom groups have printed before putting in their big order-- to test quality, check scale of the design, and have seamstresses sew up to use as an example and advertise the fabric. RP was the first group to invite me to be on their strike-off team, so they are near and dear to my heart.  They have a whole round of gorgeous-colored mesh prints available for preorder right now (join their facebook page or order here)! 

I knew I wanted to make leggings out of this fabric--because how perfect is this mesh design for leggings?! Peglegs from Patterns for Pirates are my go-to for leggings (get your FREE copy by joining their Facebook page for the coupon code and buying the pattern on their website).  I wanted to do a little something different though. I looked at some pricey work out leggings and found a lot of fun options. When I settled on the keyhole/bow, I cut out my Pegleg pieces as usual, per the instructions (don't forget to mirror!). A couple things to keep in mind as we go through the next few pictures:

  • The bottom 1.5 inches are cut off of my pattern pieces, because I'm a shorty. Keep in mind your pieces are a little longer than mine. 
  • I took all these pictures after the fact! I didn't realize so many people would as how I did it, or I would have taken pictures as I went along!
  • This was my first attempt at this-- it isn't perfect, but it's a good starting point if you want to try something similar :)

First, I folded each leg in half and made a cutout on the fold at the bottom of each leg. See the black dome-topped shape at the bottom? That's what the cutout looked like. Mine was about 7.5 inches high. 

Next, I made a second piece to line the bottom of each leg. Obviously, I didn't want to line the entire leg, but I did want the keyhole to be lined so that that edge would be finished, plus I wanted the tails to done so that the wrong side of the fabric wasn't showing. So, each piece was about 1.5 inches higher than the top of that dome cut out. See the red? That's the shape of each cut out. 

Next, I placed each lining piece on top of the leg pieces, right sides together and sewed them together (both the outsides and the dome-shaped inside) This strike off was double brushed poly, so I used wooly nylon in my loopers. Then I followed the rest of the directions for "normal" Pegelegs. Here's what the inside looks like (I would have finished the raw edge of my lining piece, had I known this was going to work out) and what the leg looks like when it's not knotted: 

When you put them on, make sure your lining is tucked nice and straight so it doesn't show. Double knot the ties so they look like little bows, and off you go! I wore them all last night with out having to adjust them, retie them, or tug and pull them down. Next time, I may play around a little with the shape or the length, but I love how they turned out like bows! Thanks for checking out my FIRST blog post! I'll be at it for real now that I've gotten over this first hurdle, haha! Join my facebook page to keep up with all the crafty-goodness! <3/Molly