Sew Americana Blog Tour

Whoo-hoo! Katy from Wild + Wanderful is at it again, convincing us all to sew along with her in red, white, and blue for the third annual Sew American Blog Tour! 

I already had my outfits sewn up for the 4th, thanks to strike-off sewing, but Katy went ahead and talked me into making one more.  And inspiration struck in the unlikeliest of places- the liquor store.  I was cruising through to buy adult beverages for our Summer Solstice party, and I stopped in my tracks and did a double take when I saw the cases of Old Milwaukee.  The girl on the cans is super cute, dressed in red, white, and blue, and I immediately wanted to make a copy cat outfit! 


Luckily, the tour sponsor, Sly Fox Fabrics had the perfect fabrics on hand in their Sew Americana Collection- this stretch denim and the stripes rayon spandex. 

Sew Americana Sneak w%2F watermark.jpg

I used the George and Ginger Heat Wave Hot Pants for my bottoms.  The pattern calls for 50% stretch and this was only 30%, so I added an invisible zipper in the back. And for the top, I just winged it, haha. 


The best part about buying case of beer for a prop, is getting to have a beer while you're taking pictures. Mike says that Old Mil shot up to number two on his list of favorite cheap beers now, haha. Oh, behind Grain Belt, of course.  


Of course, I also had to pull out my already-made items, try them on again and give them a twirl . . .


I am SO excited to wear this ridiculous hoodie to our family's progressive dinner on the fourth.  It just makes me laugh. You can't take yourself too seriously. Sometimes you just need to dress up like the Old Mil girl or wear a cat sweatshirt and laugh at yourself. 


I jokingly suggested "Meowica" as the theme for the party, but no takers.  I did however, also come up with the winning theme: Rockin' in the USA! My big kids have AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, and MTV shirts to choose from, but baby Dane is going to be matching his momma.


But, as for the parade, I'm going a little more classic, and pulling out this dress. 


The problem with sewing up strike-off fabric is how far in advance you get seasonal fabric! I sewed up these latter two outfits in February (fabric is from Vintage Lace), and I currently have Christmas fabric on its way to me! So, it was fun to get back into the summer spirit and sew something new for the fourth for the blog tour.  I know Mike isn't complaining about having some extra beer around the house ;) 

Thanks for letting me show off all my outfits for next week! Make sure to take a look around the other tour stops- I love seeing what people come up with! Have a fun and safe Independence Day <3 

xoxo, Molly

Sew Americana TOur.jpg





George + Ginger Festival Fever Blog Tour

Whoa! Long time no see! If you've been wondering where I am, the answer is: 

a) Running after three crazy kids


b) Hiding out over at the George + Ginger Blog!  

Sewing and blogging time has been limited these past weeks with Baby D joining my motley crew plus I've been getting to do a little side work for my favorite PDF Pattern Designer: Kristi at George + Ginger! So, I'll admit, I've been slacking here at Middle River Studio.  I have to say though, it warmed my heart to get some PMs, comments, and DMs across various social platforms asking how I'm doing, and saying they missed me here on my blog (and I swear, those weren't just coming from my mom!).  

Lucky for you, I have not one but THREE posts scheduled for this week! Granted, I didn't write one of them (wait until you see what my sewing friend, Marta, made and will be blogging about here on Thursday!), but still.  

All the fun and excitement is happening at George + Ginger this week: we're hosting our first ever blog tour!

What's a blog tour? It's just a fun blog party: You get a bunch of sewing bloggers together to sew around once central theme and link up to one another to share the love.  In honor of the fun and festive summer season, the boho trends that are everywhere, and G+G's awesome style, the theme of this tour is Festival Fever! 

Festival Definition (1).jpg

And while I've been working behind the scenes to put this blog tour together, I also knew I'd have to sew up my own outfits to share with you too.  This was too fun to not sew along! 

Summer up here in the Northland is GORGEOUS. And we know how to get our festival on. From the tall ships, to block parties, art fairs, and concerts, we know how to enjoy summer. So, I made two outfits for the tour to help me embrace the festivities, both using the Bonnaroo Bundle hi-low skirt.  


Okay, okay, just stop right there.  Before you get too excited about the shirt, let me tell you, it's from Target.  I only made the skirt.  I completely botched the shirt that was supposed to go with this, and I loved the skirt too much not to share it anyway.  I got a gorgeous coordinating bundle of fabric from Boho Fabrics- this awesome and colorful skirt fabric, and a coordinating peach rayon crepe, which I sewed into said shirt.  Said shirt that is now dead to me.  But hey, I love this one from Target!

So, this is the face you make when you end up wearing a RTW top for your stop of a sewing blog tour:


Soooo, back to this skirt. 

This rayon is divine and drapey, and I LOVE how the hi-lo skirt floats.  It was perfect for my vision of something light and airy to wear for our Summer Solstice party on Thursday! My husband and I have talked about having a yearly tradition of having people over for the summer solstice for a while now and we're finally making it happen! The type of old-fashion, classic neighborhood get-together that just doesn't happen any more. I'm going to feel like I'm floating on a cloud instead of hustling around when I'm playing hostess ;) 


I made a couple of changes to the pattern to get this look: 

  • Elastic encased waistband! I knew I wanted the whole skirt in the same fabric (instead of the yoga waistband or the corset waistband that came with the pattern and would require either a knit or a more stable woven to make). To make it happen, I made a waistband a little bigger than my hips (to make sure I'd be able to get it up over the hips), and then cut a piece of non-roll 3/4 inch elastic to a length that felt comfortable on my waist, which I encased in the waistband when I attached it.

  • As for length- the pattern is designed to have the skirt sit at the hips and be long enough to provide a bit of a train. I knew I wanted it to skim the ground instead . . . but I also knew I wanted it to sit at my waist instead of my hips. Soooo, 5'3.75" me didn't have to remove or add any length! Depending on your height and where you want it to hit on your body and along the hem, you might need to adjust.

  • I cheated and cut my fabric on the fold. This pattern is a fabric hog, so to get away with less fabric, I cut both the back and the front on the fold. This means there is less gathering at the waist as well.


I LOVE this whole outfit (Target shirt included!) and can't wait to wear it on Thursday! As for my other look . . . I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather over the first weekend of July so I can hit up an outdoor, festival style concert here in Duluth.  

Who's headlining? Trampled by Turtles! 

They're a local bluegrass/folk group.  I last saw them in 2006, in a crowd of about 30 people.  Now, they're famous, have played at festivals all over the nation (including the skirt's namesake: Bonnaroo), performed on David Letterman twice, and you just might have heard them on a Subaru commercial

Sooo, obviously, this was the perfect event to sew up something in the fashion of Festival Fever!  There is a dress floating around on Pinterest that has a hi-lo hem, ruffle, strappy top, and wide, open lace at the waist.  I knew I had to make my own version, using the Bonnaroo Bundle Skirt and the Sincerely Rylee Dress


This rayon fabric came from Sincerely Rylee, and I had the nice, wide lace on hand from Boho Fabrics.   Annnd shout out to Wandering Willow Designs for my boho wrap bracelet (find them here or on facebook).


This was actually my first Sincerely Rylee Dress! I have to admit that the back is my favorite.


This is so easy to accomplish! I sewed up the top as directed, then tried it on and cut is where I wanted it to hit.  The lace was added to the top, and then the skirt was gathered to meet the lace.  I love how it turned out! 


So, now that I've shared my looks, it's time for you to head over and check out all the other AMAZING makes on the blog tour-- these girls are knocking it out of the park!  Get inspired and then get out there and enjoy your own kind of festival!  (Note that while all links are clickable, they won’t be live until the date of their post.)

Copy of Festival Fever Blog Tour.png
Festival Fever Blog Tour.jpg