My New Favorite Hoodie:: TAMI Revolution by New Horizons

I don't know if it's the snow and the cold, or the fact that my third trimester has me yearning to be all cozy and comfy, but I've been sewing hoodies nonstop for a month now!  And my pattern of choice has been the TAMI Revolution from New Horizons Designs


This is a pattern that I've been wish-listing since it was released . . . but I kept saying to myself, "how many hoodie patterns can one girl own?" Self-control would kick in, and I wouldn't buy it.  But after months of trying to find the perfect double hood pair up, I couldn't take it any longer, and I bought the pattern.  And I have no regrets. Ha! 

I love all three hoods that come with the pattern and the fit has been perfect.  The zipper addition and instructions were just what I needed-- I mean, how cute it that detail?! 


This one is my newest TAMI-- a combination of quilted knit from Jo-Ann's, and this super plush floral brushed poly from Vintage Lace (on preorder now!).  I actually didn't have enough for the inner hood, so for this one, I did the outer hood paired with a funnel collar.  

The first TAMI I made (also using fabric from Vintage Lace and Jo-Ann's!) used the outer and inner hood, both unlined as per the directions: 


You can read more about that one here. This is actually the only one I sized up on!  All the other TAMIs you see here were made in my pre-pregnancy size.  I think it'll be a perfect fit once baby gets here.  

My second-ever TAMI was a pin-spired piece using brushed French Terry from SR Harris Fabric warehouse.  It is mega cozy!  Brickyard Buffalo had a similar hoodie for sale, but I love this one so much more, haha. This is the standard hood. 


Okay, okay, I have just one more to share!  This one is from that same quilted knit from Jo-Ann's (I can't stop buying it, and I've noticed no one else can either!).  I did the zipper on one side, per the pattern directions.  I did line the inner crossover hood (scraps left over from my favorite brushed poly ever, from Pretty Posh).  It's sooo stinkin' warm; it's my go-to when I'm freezing cold (which is often up here in Wisconsin!).  


Real-life mom pic right there ;) What do you think of my new glasses?! I just got them from Zenni (highly recommended-- I got two pairs WITH perscription lenses for $30!).  I wanted a big, dorky pair, and I think I nailed it with these, haha! 

Annnnyway, back the hoodies!

Sarah from Sewing with Sarah blogged on the New Horizon page about a nursing friendly hack!  So, of course I had to give it a try (and I love the results). The hack adds a modesty panel and a fully functional zipper on each side of the raglan sleeve.  I extended my zippers further into the armpit for optimal comfort and ease when nursing. 


Mike keeps asking me why I'm making all these nursing hoodies . . . he remembers how well nursing went the first two times (i.e. not well, haha).  But, I'll be prepared! And if nothing else, I'll wear the heck out of them for those first few weeks! 


I do think I'll be able to nurse while only zipping down one side at a time, but I know other mommas have said that this is one of their less-favorite nursing-friendly styles, because they usually need to fully unzip both sides to have access.


Thirty-three weeks, friends! I'm going to be ready, haha. 

Thanks for checking out the TAMI Revolution with me! I don't think I've ever shown off FOUR sew-ups a pattern before--now you know I mean it when I say that I love it ;) 

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