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Last week, I got an awesome box of new fabric to play with from The Fabric Clique.  Dhee sent me an assortment of rayon spandex, poly spandex, and distressed double knit. She also sent some gorgeous lace appliques, but I'll be saving those for their very own post ;) 

I love getting an array of fabric types all at once. Sometimes I get caught up in the buy-all-the-brushed-poly frenzy. So letting Dhee pick some things out for me made this all the more fun. 

And can we pause for a moment to check out how especially cool this distressed double knit is!? I love it so much, I'm giving away a yard at the end of this post!

I'll be showing off the blue floral in a blog tour next week (whoo-hoo!), but for the rest of it, I hopped to it!  I love feeling up fabric, and sifting through my pattern piles, brainstorming what patterns would be best for each fabric type. And I gotta say, I love what I came up with. 

First up, the red and black is a rayon spandex. Soft and drapy. I decided on using my Knotted Tee hack on the Mama Mya from Made for Mermaids

Since the wrong side of the fabric was the same color as the right side, I was able to skip the facing, and just hem all along the raw edge on the tails. 

For reference, I took 5 inches off of the shirt length, and from there, I added the front triangles for the tails.

Did you notice my sweet pants peeking through?! I used the distressed knit to make a pair of Patterns for Pirates Peglegs

This is such an awesome fabric! The holes are "real", but it's a stable double knit, so the holes just show through to the other layer of fabric and  nothing is actually peeking through. Here, you can see the darker wrong side of the fabric (which is still pretty cool itself!). 

Confession: the stretch on this isn't as high as the requirement for Peglegs. But I knew enough people would ask about Pegs, so I wanted to try it out any way. So, I did size up to account for that. And it did work. But next time, I'll try the SOS Pants (Patterns for Pirates) or the Sabrina Slims (Love Notions), because I think it'll be even better.

I had enough left over, I also decided to do a fast and easy Essential Tank from Patterns for Pirates as well! 

It was really tempting to skip the hemming on this. You know, to play up the grunge-ish, distressed look. 

But, confession: I'm actually a hemming drill sergeant. It's honestly one of my sewing pet peeves . . . especially seeing beautiful dresses with raw edges . . . it breaks my diligently hemmed heart.

So, distressed though this fabric may be, I just couldn't leave it unhemmed. 

I had this floral cardigan on hand, and I love it with the tank . . . I like the play on the pretty floral and the grunge tank!

Finally, this brushed poly was begging to become something fun and playful! I love the boho influences right now (even if I can't seem to stop buying florals). 

I went with the Anniversary Top from George and Ginger. As a part of the G&G Staples line, it's a total steal of a deal! And cold shoulder tops are EVERYWHERE right now! 

The Anniversary Top is pretty fitted, so I added a little flare after the bust, a la the Drama Dress

Every time I model a cold shoulder or an off the shoulder top, I seem to make this face a lot.

It's an "Ooo! Look at my scandalous bare shoulder" face.  

I'm a dork. 

And clearly, not a real model. So there's that. 

So! Anyway, back to this distressed fabric. Because it was my absolute favorite, and different from any other fabric I've bought! It's being restocked in some sweet new colors. I'm totally eyeing up that center olive color for a slouchy sweatshirt.  And, I'm going to share the love, with a free yard in one of the new colors of your choice.

 So, let's rafflecopter this up and make sure to check out The Fab Clique for all the fabrics in this post! Winner will be announced on Sunday!  #sewallthefab