True North Hoodie:: New Release from Max and Meena

Another new pattern release-- but this one is for my kids!  I recently joined the tester team at Max and Meena patterns, and this was my first test with them.  Max and Meena is based in the upper Midwest (just like me!), and I love working with other sewing people from my neck of the woods. They do a lot more kids stuff than I usually do (but they have women's patterns too), so you may be seeing my boys a little more often.  Here is the brand new True North Hoodie


Obviously, the defining feature of this hoodie is the four quadrants that make up the front panel.  It's perfect for mixing and matching fabrics-- some of the testers used four different colors and I love how that looks too!  All of mine ended up with just two fabrics, but that's because of my own lacking fabric collection (at least in terms of fabrics that work for the boys, haha).  


The pattern comes with both a scuba hood (like I did), or a cross over hood. 


That's his "Smile!' face.  Ha!


A few months ago, I made the baby a sleeper from this star fabric, and I had promised G that I would make matching hoodies for him and Ro.  Thank goodness for pattern testing, or I doubt I would have had the motivation to do it!  Testing also helped me use up this fabric that I've had for-ever!  Both these stars (from Jumping June Textiles), and this green French terry from RP Customs have been on my shelf for at least a year and a half! 


This French terry is super thick!  Which was perfect for the high of -7 we had the day I made them!  G has already been asking for winter to be over . . . you've got a long haul left, kid!  But, when spring DOES finally show his face, there is a short sleeve option for this pattern . . . I think most of us were too cold to make it though.  


I made ONE more during testing, but I'm waiting for my model to show up ;)  I should have put something in this shot for reference . . . newborn size is so itty bitty! 


Here's the pattern link one more time! Happy sewing :) 

PDF Sewing Pattern Boys Hoodie True North Hoodie Max and Meena.png