Happy {Blog} Birthday!

Today marks the two year anniversary of Middle River Studio! Lest I forget my own blog birthday, I have a SquareSpace bill to remind me, ha! Thanks, SquareSpace.

I have to say, after two years, I still have no idea what I’m doing here.

No, really.

Two years ago, I wanted a place to dump all of my sewing projects. To show them off and share them, and for my own pride and joy. Also, I thought I would be using the e-commerce feature to be selling my goods.

In those two years, it’s been a lot of posts on “here’s my finished project, here’s what I did, this fabric, this pattern, la la, la”. I pretty much quit selling my handmade clothes. But I also tried a lot of different things out too, trying to figure out what I really wanted to be talking about and what I really wanted to do here in cyberspace: I did little tutorials on sewing projects, I did some crafty things, I shared our Shasta camper project, and I did some posts on events I did this year, like the pin-up contest and going to New York and LA for fashion week.

And I’ve brainstormed about a hundred things I want to do here.

In the past few months, I’ve seriously considered relaunching with some specific handmade goods for sale. As in so serious that I ordered all new tags and branding items. Annnnnd now I’ve back tracked on that. I’ve had SO many ideas on challenges or features or monthly projects. Maybe my problem is that I want to do everything.

Do I need to focus in one area? A lot of blog experts would say yes. I guess that’s not me though. This started as a sewing blog, and is really more like a lifestyle blog, containing anything I want to talk about, ha. It continues to grow and change as I continue to grow and change.

And I have some fun ideas for 2019. I can’t wait to get going on them all.

Thank you for being here. Seriously. When people say they miss me blogging, or miss seeing my sewing posts, that warms my heart in so many ways. I’m over here working and posting away, and even though my analytics tell me there’s someone on the other side, it sometimes feels like it’s just me. But there’s YOU! Here scrolling through what I write. And I appreciate that in so many ways. Thank you for popping on during my sporadic posting.

Happy birthday to Middle River Studio! I can’t wait to share what’s next (I’ll give you a hint: there’s more vintage stuff, some very specific sewing, and a “new” camper on the way!).



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