Mama Vivienne + Boy's Dylan: Made for Mermaids Release

It's a big release day for Team Mermaid-- there's something for the entire family with this collection! I tested the women's version of Vivienne and the boys' version of Dylan, but the girls' and men's version look awesome too! The defining feature for all the patterns is a side panel-- perfect for mixing and matching fabrics, showcasing a special fabric, or creating a coordinating look for the whole family.  

For my first Mama Vivienne, I made a top version with cotton lycra. I had just enough of this awesome vintage floral leftover from RP Custom Fabrics, and I paired it with plain black.  

Mama Vivienne is strictly a tank pattern, but you could easily mash sleeves.  The front is gathered, but the side panels are not, and I love the look it gives! Very slimming, in my opinion. 

This is seriously one of my all-time favorite fabrics, and like I said, this pattern is PERFECT for showcasing a special fabric!

My second Mama Vivienne is a dress length, with brushed poly from Love Adore Knit Fabrics.

 This day was all kinds of awful for photos.  It had honestly been raining for a week, Grant woke up from a nap like a grumpy bear and Roman thought it was time to run and not time to take pictures.  So photos of these ones are limited.  It was a lot of this: 

BUT! Look hoe cute Roman is in this picture! He was so proud to be taking pictures with his mama! 

So, if you didn't notice, that's the boys' Dylan! I flipped the fabrics for the boys' tops to match my dress.  Forget coordinating, I wanted us all to match, haha!!  Grant has one too, but like I said, grumpy bear.  

Both boy LOVE their brushed poly tops-- they're hooked on the soft comfiness that is BP.  That's what I get for sharing ;) 

I have more Dylans cut out for the boys, in an awesome Nike fabric.  I had wanted them done by the release, but . . .  I'm such a selfish sewist! I'm so much more motivated to sew for myself, I'll be honest.  Oh well, they're long sleeve, so they'll be done by fall ;)  

Pattern links one more time!  Everything is on sale until Friday, June 2nd.  The family bundle is an AWESOME deal and only available this week for the release! Can't wait to see your cute families all rocking the Viviennes and Dylans! 

Mama Vivienne
Family Bundle (limited time only)