Vintage Lace Does Broadway

The first real thing I ever sewed was a super hideous apron for a production of Fiddler on the Roof.  I remember one Saturday, a bunch of us teens in the show got together with the ladies in charge of costumes for a crash test in sewing and to help crank out the costumes for the women of Anatevka.  Lots of ugly aprons, easy gathered skirts, and these giant peasant blouses that were basically one-size-fits-all.  All sewn up from these scratchy woven fabrics.  And I remember I was taught one of the most basic rules of sewing: sewing itself is often (always?), the most minor part of the process.  It's all about the prep work, haha!  I think I spent most of that Saturday on the floor: making sense of the paper patterns, cutting big rectangles of fabric, and ironing . . . and then the rest of the day turning apron ties right side out.  Looking back, I'm thankful I've replaced those tissue paper patterns with PDFs, and my shears with a rotary cutter, that's for sure.  

Unfortunately, I haven't had much time for acting since Grant was a baby. I do hope as my kids get older, I get the chance to act again. And I hope I manage to instill a love of theatre in at least one of my boys.  

ANYWAY! The whole point of this theatre-nostalgia, is that I love it.  I love theatre.  Before, I was obsessed with sewing, I was obsessed with theatre.  So, needless to say, I was pretty stoked for the Broadway round at Vintage Lace!  

This round features prints from Rent, Wicked, Waitress, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Les Miserables, and two super awesome Playbill prints (one of the classics and one of the contemporary shows).  There are also some dance prints if that's what you're into, haha.  

On to my sews!  First up, Hamilton! I got to sew up a panel and the coordinating star print for my boys. There are two other Hamilton panels, equally as awesome, available as well.  


Young, scrappy, and hungry . . . that sounds just like Grant :)   


I added that little star applique on the panel using Kraftex.  Which is my new favorite product.  I'll be doing a blog post about it soon.  But if you're looking for something leather-like for around your hoodie grommets, you should just go ahead and buy it now (I have the sampler pack, but you can buy individual colors too).  


And there they both are, my future actors <3  Both of the boys are wearing Mega Max Raglans from Max and Meena (duh! I swear it's the only thing I sew them, haha).  


For me, I got this awesome Waitress panel and coordinate! If you haven't seen or heard Waitress before, the music and lyrics are by Sara Bareilles, and it is absolutely delightful.  


For these cuts, I decided to try out New Horizons Designs for the first time. I've been eyeing up the TAMI Revolution Hoodie since it was released.  Since I already owned plenty of hoodies, I kept talking myself out of it.  Well, I bought it, and now I wish I didn't waste my money on all those other patterns! If only this one had come into my life first! 


Double hood.  Need I say more? 

I used the Vintage Lace panel, the coordinating stripes (Flour, Sugar, Butter), and this sweet quilted knit from Jo-Ann's.  This sweatshirt is cozy. 


My one mistake was putting the grommets on the wrong sides of the inner hood.  Oh well, lesson learned!  The hoods are among my favorite features of the pattern-- there are three hoods for tons of options, and they're all nice and big, just like I like them.  


Okay, now hurry over to Vintage Lace and get your Broadway preorder on! 

VLDoesBroadway (1).png