Prepare Yourself Mentally for Sewing

My girls at Vintage Lace have a new fabric preorder up this week, and they sent me two awesome prints to try out. I decided to use them on two brand new patterns, which makes me extra excited to share my makes with you!  

First up are these donuts!

. . . doughnuts?  . . . or donuts?  If you're like me, and these are the questions that keep you up at night, read this, ha!


I LOVE how bright and fun this print is. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to become some workout gear.  I don't know why, but I love food workout gear.  What's up with that? Like "work out harder so you can eat a donut"? Or "I'm feeling guilty for eating donuts, so now I have to work out" . . .?  


The top is the new Xpress Tank from Greenstyle. Check out that back! 


This is the curved back option, but there are two other options as well. This is an EASY sew, people.  The whole thing is one piece, cut on the fold.  You attach the shoulders, and then just hem the whole thing. It should take basically 20 minutes to make.  I say "should" because I ran out of thread with six inches left, had to seam-rip the whole thing, and then re-hem.  


I would not recommend wearing this shirt to yoga.  It was falling off of me with all the poses, but the tie back option probably would have been fine. I imagine this one would be great for running . . . not that I would know, ha! 

But, it doesn't have to be just for workouts! I picked out a sweet white and pink floral to make another in, for cute and casual summer wear.  I get mega crabby when it's hot, so I think this shirt will be great!

Overall pros to the pattern: FAST, EASY, and just one yard of fabric! 

On to the next project! Have you seen this Singer manual advice float around on-line before? 

sewing machine rules.jpg

I get such a kick out of it.  Vintage Lace did too, because they made this sweet print that includes tidbits of the "advice"! 


Yes, ma'am! Hair in order, powder and lipstick on!


This fabric goes along perfectly with the vintage flair of the new Elise peplum and dress from Halla! Puff sleeves, crossover bodice, and these adorable neck straps that make it a fun take on an otherwise simple "V" neckline. 


I magic-ed this out of one yard.  So, I had to go with the simple peplum, which I found a little too fitted, despite going by my measurements.  Next time, I'll for sure do a gathered peplum . . . or, even better, the full gathered skirt.  I have some cherry fabric and some polka dot fabric and one of them has to become a full dress in this pattern. I'm just crazy about the vintage look it has!


So, per Singer's advice, remember to prepare yourself mentally for sewing, we wouldn't want to be lackadaisical about it, or anything.   Now, I better go attend to my "urgent housekeeping chores"!