The With Love Dress:: G+G Pattern Release

This fall, I sat in my car and cried, parked outside of Kwiktrip while I listened to NPR report on yet another mass shooting.  I had just dropped Grant off at 3k, I was pregnant with baby Dane, and Roman sat in the van with me, asking when we were going in.  But I couldn't stop crying, feeling completely overwhelmed, thinking of my three boys, thinking of how this violence keeps happening, and thinking how there was nothing I could do to help any of it.   

I know, I know, not a very sunshine-y start to a blog post about a dress.  But, my point is that I know that feeling of frustration and desperation to do something. And I'm glad that Kristi felt it too. What does a pattern designer do when she wants to make a difference? Design a dress with a purpose.  The George + Ginger With Love Dress.  All proceeds from the release of the dress will be donated to the Sandy Hook Promise.  

In Kristi's words on the George + Ginger Facebook group: "This project and this group mean a lot to me. I would appreciate this effort not turning into a debate, but a chance for us all to come together, rise up and do something from the heart...and all agree that changes need to be made. I don’t have the perfect answer or solution, but I’m determined to support any effort to educate and inform about these tragedies and issues. And there will be more to come! This group has proven its capability of moving mountains time and again—and we always do it together with love." 

I'll show off my pictures, but I'm not going to blab too much about the dress, since I think the topic outweighs the fashion statement. I think you'll agree, though, it's a pretty darn cute dress.  The run down: dolman style, elastic waist, three skirt options, and made for lightweight knits. It's a quick sew, and perfect for spring and summer. 

Here's my dress version with rayon spandex from Vinegar and Honey Co. 


And maxi version from double brushed poly from KnitPop.


I don't tend to "get political" anywhere outside of my own home, but I'm a mom and the wife of a teacher.  I remember everything about the moment when I first heard about Sandy Hook.  And so I hope you'll excuse my tugged heart-strings just this once, even if the Sandy Hook Promise isn't a mission you can stand behind.  Because I believe we desperately need a change.  I do hope you consider purchasing the dress or donating directly to the cause.  You can read more about the Sandy Hook Promise and donate here.  Or check out the With Love Dress and purchase it here

With love, 


G+G With Love Dress.png