Grant's First Sewing Project:: SUAT Wonderland Cap

Fa la la la la, la la la la! How's that last minute, holiday scramble going, my friends? Things are getting crazy over here! We head to our first Christmas of the year tonight, and my head has been spinning all week, trying to make sure I have everything covered!  As my boys get older and realize more what's going on, the mom-pressure is on, haha! 

There have been a TON of free patterns offered by PDF deisgners this month, mostly with the purpose of being perfect for gift-giving.  I'm usually one to get excited about these projects, but never actually make any of them . . . until I saw the Wonderland Cap from Stitch Upon a Time.  We have a winter-wear battle here in our house, and hats are at the forefront right now.   It's an important issue up here in the Northland.  

Here's how it goes: 

Husband: The kids need new winter hats. 

Me: *buys hats*

Husband: These hats suck.  


Seriously, it is no fun trying to dress these kids for winter five months out of the year.  And hats do suck.  My kids have big heads, the hats don't stay on, they don't cover their ears, or they don't like them, or we only have ONE good one and it gets lost.  You know the drill.  

So, when I saw the Winterland Cap, I knew it was the answer to my problems (after having just bought three new hats at Target, grrr). Best of all, the pattern was free! 


The ear flaps.  These are a necessity. (Oh, but they actually are optional in the pattern, if you don't mind cold ears.  But for me, a necessity). 

Obviously, the pom is totally optional as well.  But when I only have a few years to dress my kids however I want, the poms were definitely a necessity to me as well, haha.    

And they tie.  A.K.A.: They are securely strapped to my children's heads.  

Oh, and they're made of fleece. Therefore they fit all the criteria of my husband's kid-hat-wish-list:

  • Ears covered
  • Warm
  • Attaches securely to child's head

As well as my critera:

  • Cute as all get-out

I thought this would be a great project for Grant to sew with me.  He's 3.5 now, and spends a lot of time with me while I go through the various steps of sewing.  Plus, if he made the hat, I knew I'd have the buy-in for him to actually wear it, haha!!! 

He was super excited to get to make his very own hat.  I made sure he was involved every step of the way on his own, and he even helped out with his brother's too.  

I tried to be super thorough about each step.  We measured for size, and both boys ended up wearing the Teen size hat, haha.  I told you they have big heads ;) 

Grant helped tape and cut the pattern and then cut out the fabric.  


Then we headed up to the sewing room for a lesson at my serger.  We talked about raw edges, guiding the fabric not pulling it back, leaving serger tails, and to watch your fingers for the flippin' blade.  Probably my biggest concern was that he was going to send MY fingers under the knife, haha.  


These hats come together super fast (even with a three year-old).  Sizing is newborn through large-headed adult (me-sized), so if you have any last-minute Christmas gifts to make, these would be perfect! 


The hardest part was getting these two goons to take a picture together, haha. 


I definitely bribed them with M&Ms.

It didn't help all that much.  


If you want a copy of the pattern, it's available to Stitch Upon a Time newsletter subscribers for free.  Go to and look to the right if you're on a desktop or scroll to the bottom if you're mobile to find the Newsletter Signup form. After you receive an email, click to confirm your subscription then you will get an email with a link to the pattern! 

Use up those fleece scraps and cross some people people off that gift list <3

Enjoy your holiday weekend, and best wishes from my family to yours! 


free pdf sewing pattern, winter hat.png